Kurt Cobain Guitars – Everything You Need to Know

kurt cobain guitars

In this post I am going to answer all the frequently asked question about Kurt Cobain’s guitars. So, grab a coffee and read along. No, doubt that Kurt Cobain is one of the influential musician of all time but do you know what kind of guitars did he used or what was his first guitar? … Read more

This is How Slash Learned To Play The Guitar

how slash learn to play guitar

Slash is the reason why most of the folks decide to learn the guitar. The mixture of his style and his unique playing style simply makes him one of the most influential and greatest guitarists of all time. Now that you are trying to find out how he learnt to play the guitar, let me … Read more

Which Guitar does Slash Use? A Brief Guide To His Guitars

which guitar does slash use

Slash is known for his huge guitar collection with more than 100 guitars owned to his name. Those guitars are of different brands and all total they are worth $2 Million (approx). I myself is a huge Slash fan so I decided to write this post dedicated to the guitars that he uses for various … Read more

7 Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning The Guitar

common guitar mistakes

When learning the guitar we often make mistakes. Knowingly or unknowingly we carry some of those mistakes with us and get stuck to them. This is when those mistakes becomes bad habits and that can make your learning process much longer and frustrating. So, in the starting process of learning the guitar, it is important … Read more

This is How Jimmy Page Write Guitar Riffs

This is How Jimmy Page Write Guitar Riffs

There is no doubt that Jimmy Page is known for his guitar riffs but how did he came up with unique riffs all the time? Well, in this post I am going to tell you exactly what Jimmy said when he was asked about it. Some of the most popular riffs written by Jimmy Page … Read more

Memories Guitar Lesson – w/ Chords and Picking Pattern

Memories Guitar Lesson

In this post I will teach you how to play Memories by Maroon 5 on guitar. Memories is a great song which has only one chord progression and few picking patterns. Though the song sounds complex but trust me it is beginner friendly. I will be breaking down the song into different parts and will … Read more

Top 25 Van Halen Songs Of All Time

top 25 van halen songs

In this post we will take a look at the Top 25 Van Halen songs. Before Van Halen was formed in 1974, the dutch brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen formed their very first band, The Broken Combs. As a band they played various local clubs, backyard parties and local function which gained them popularity … Read more

24 Essential Open Guitar Chords You Must Know

Open Guitar Chords

In the last lesson, we have discussed 5 open dominant 7th chords that a guitarist should know. Due to the good response, we have decided to list out 24 open position guitar chords that you must know as a guitarist. This list of chords include open major, minor , dominant 7th, major 7th and minor … Read more