Acoustic Baritone Guitar Reviews

If you’re thinking about buying a baritone guitar, you’ve come to the right place!

Buying an acoustic baritone guitar can make you a more versatile guitarist, songwriter or producer. These instruments open up new sonic possibilities, and if you already play the guitar, you can access these sonic possibilities without having to learn an entirely new instrument. If you’re still undecided as to whether you want to buy an acoustic baritone, read our 5 Reasons to Buy a Baritone Guitar.

In this post, we’ve organised and listed all of our acoustic baritone guitar reviews. Simply click through to any review that interests you and you’ll get an honest rundown from a team of guitar experts.

Alvarez ABT60 & ABT60E

A feature-to-price winner, the ABT60 is a great budget option. See our full review of the Alvarez ABT60 & ABT60E acoustic baritone guitar!

Alvarez ABT60 Baritone Acoustic Guitar

Alvarez ABT60CE

Check out this update on the classic Alvarez ABT60. See our full review of the Alvarez ABT60CE acoustic baritone guitar!


Ovation Elite TX A/E D-Scale

A bit less low-end… a lot more ease of play. See our full review of the Ovation Elite TX A/E D-Scale acoustic baritone guitar!

Ovation Elite TX AE D-Scale

Taylor 326e Grand Symphony

Exceptional quality and tone. The Rolls Royce of acoustic baritone guitars! See our full review of the Taylor 326ce Grand Symphony acoustic baritone guitar!

Taylor 326ce Grand Symphony

Tacoma Thunderhawk

A rare used gem of an acoustic baritone guitar. Excellence and innovation are at the heart of this instrument. See our full review of the Tacoma Thunderhawk acoustic baritone guitar!

Tacoma Thunderhawk Baritone Guitar

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed reading through our acoustic baritone guitar reviews. If you’re interested in expanding your sonic possibilities even further, you may want to consider buying an electric baritone guitar as well. If you want help choosing an electric baritone, be sure to check out our electric baritone guitar reviews!