How to Adjust the Truss Rod Of an Electric Guitar

The truss rod of the guitar is a metal rod that is fitted into the neck of the guitar. Truss rods help in strengthening the neck and keep it straight.

Truss rods can be adjusted with the help of an Allen wrench. The screw of a truss rod is found in either the heel of the neck or the nut.

Before undertaking this task, you need to understand that a truss rod is a crucial part of your guitar. If you over-tighten the rod it would bend or break the neck of the guitar, resulting in costly repairs for you.

If you are not confident of adjusting the truss rod, it’s best to take it to a specialist that has done this before. If you would like to adjust the truss rod yourself, have a look below.

Adjust the Truss Rod of an Electric Guitar

1 – Check if the neck of your guitar is straight. If your neck is straight, there is no need to adjust the truss rod.

2 – Loosen the strings of your guitar as adjusting the truss rod could increase the pressure on the strings, causing them to break.

3 – Remove the truss rod, by unscrewing the screws at the nut and the heel of the neck.

4 – To adjust the truss rod, insert the Allen wrench into the opening and tighten it by turning it clockwise. Do a full turn and measure the straightness in the neck again. If the truss rod refuses to turn any more, it may already be fully tightened so don’t attempt to use force or you may crack it.

5 – Once you turn the screw a full round, fit the neck back and tighten the strings again. Tune the guitar to check if it’s alright now.

6 – Repeat this as many times as required until you have the desired result.


Don’t use force while tightening the truss rod as it could severely damage your guitar. If the truss rod is refusing to budge, take your guitar to a specialist and let him get it done for you.