Fender Guitars – Are they Good? FAQs Answered (Beginners)

In 1950, Leo Fender introduced his first guitar amplifier and electric guitar. Soon after, he founded what would become the world’s largest producer of musical instruments.

Today, the company is thriving, and has introduced some of the most popular guitars to date with many legendary rock stars having played a Fender guitar at some point during their careers.

In this post I will try to answer whether Fender guitars are really good. I will also compare it with other popular guitar brands and answer all the frequently asked question related to Fender.

So, let’s start.

When Fender was founded?

The Fender company was founded in 1946, Fullerton, CA by Leo Fender. The original intention was to create a machine that would make guitars more easily and cheaply than they had been in the past.

The first guitars were called Broadcaster and Esquire, and are now commonly referred to as Telecasters. Fender has since introduced a number of other models, broadening its customer base and creating new popularity among rock musicians in the US and abroad.

Are fender guitars good?

To give you a simple answer, yes, Fender guitars are really good. They have millions of satisfied users who agree that they are good instruments. They have been around for more than 70 years, being one of the best guitar makers and you can find them at just about any music store.

They have different models to match up with any price range and they are really high quality guitars. These guitars come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that make each guitar unique.

5 Reasons why fenders guitars are good

Fenders guitars are good for a number of reasons. Here are five of the main ones:

The Tone
The tone is probably the best thing about fender guitars. They have a great tone and are usually quite loud. They are also suited to a wide range of styles, and can really let you cut through the mix when recording or playing live. A good amp will make a Fender, sound even more amazing.

The price
Fender guitars are actually a lot cheaper than other guitars that come from well known brands like Gibson or Dean. A fender can cost around $500 dollars but it could be less depending on the model that you want to get. You can get a really good quality guitar for a reasonable price.

The Design
Fender guitars come in a variety of designs. They have different colors and sizes to choose from. You can buy a Fender that matches your style without having to compromise in terms of sound or quality.

The Feel
Fender guitars are usually light and they’re easy to handle. They are comfortable to play, especially if you have small hands. The smoothness of playing also comes in handy when you’re learning new techniques.

The brand
Fender is one of the top brands in the world. They have been around for a long time and are trusted by many people. Having a big brand name on your guitar means that you have something that is trustworthy and reliable.

The quality
Fender electric guitars are built to last, with careful craftsmanship and rigorous quality control. Their guitars are designed to be authentic replicas of the classic designs they have already produced. You can be sure that your Fender will play as it was designed to.

Where Fender Guitars are made?

Fender guitars are made in 4 countries. USA, Japan, Mexico, and China. Over 60 factories around the world. Each factory has it’s own quality control process.

The quality of the parts shipped to every factory is very similar so that all the Fender guitars will come out exactly the same.

This makes Fender guitars very consistent and reliable. This consistency is one of the reasons that Fenders are so reliable.

Are fender guitars made in japan any good?

Japanese made Fender guitars are great compared to it’s other mass-produced counterparts.

Fender Japan has a long-standing reputation for producing quality guitars. They only use the best materials in crafting fine instruments at reasonable prices.

Their instruments feature some of the most innovative designs to come out of Japan in recent years, and are very popular worldwide.

They are known for doing their own thing and having a different style than the rest of the world.

By the 1990s, Japanese manufacturers began to produce some of the most desirable and sought-after Fender instruments.

Are fender guitars made in mexico any good?

In Mexico, Fender produces the best instrument ever made by Fender: The Mexican Fender Strat.

It is said that Fender “In Mexico” is the best guitar manufacturer in the world. The Mexican factory tends to have tighter quality control and, as a result, has had far less issues with the QC department.

With Mexican-made Fender (MIM) guitars you get a great value for your money. They are affordable and you can get some of the best designs on the market.

They last quite a while and they work just as well as other Fenders but cost less which is really good if you are trying to save money.

Are fender guitars made in USA any good?

The american made fenders are considered some of the best in the industry. The main difference between USA made fenders and fender made in other countries is the wood.

They are usually made from alder and ash wood. They come with quality parts too so it can last you a long time.

USA also has some of the best guitar experts around the world to make sure that the guitar is made correctly.

When making their guitars they put a lot of pride into their work and do everything they can to make it great.

Are fender guitars made in China any good?

China makes some really good fenders. Most people would think that Chinese fenders are not any good but, in fact, they’re quite great.

They have excellent craftsmanship and their guitars are usually well set up and ready to play right out of the box.

The wood is in no way inferior to the wood that you would find on an American-made fender.

When you get a Chinese fender, you’re going to receive a really great instrument that plays and sounds amazing.

They have made it in such a way that it fits all the specifications that you may be looking for in terms of quality, playability and durability.

Do Fenders have much different sound than the average guitar?

Fenders have a variety of sounds depending on what pickups are placed on the guitar.

The single coils create a very bright sound while the humbuckers give you that warm, full tone that you need to get those riffs going.

There are several options to choose from so you will be sure to find the perfect pick for your playing style.

Fender Guitars vs Gibson Guitars

Fender guitars came about in the early 1940’s, while Gibson was founded on the other side of the pond in 1902. Both are famous names in the guitar world. The best way to compare them would be to break down a few factors that make each of them unique.

Quality Of Materials

Gibson guitars are made with mostly top notch materials. They have been in the industry for over hundred years and know what they are doing, so they make sure to use the best.

They also won’t accept anything less than that which is why they only work with highly reputable companies.

Fender, on the other hand, uses a wider variety of materials including things such as basswood and spruce. This makes them cheaper than Gibson.

However, these woods still make a great sound and will last long if taken care of properly.


In terms of tone, both guitars perform well. Gibson has a bit more versatility in this area. They make unique models that have different types of wood or other conditions to accommodate different styles. The uniqueness that these models bring is truly something to appreciate.

Fender, on the other hand, has a few different designs in their models but they don’t vary much in sound. They are more alike than different. They are still good guitars but don’t offer as much variety as Gibson has.

Gibson models also have a wider range of sounds to offer while Fender generally stays within the same range. Gibson is a bit better in this department overall due to its wide range and versatility.

Both Gibson and Fender have their strong points and their weaknesses. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Quality Of Craftsmanship

In terms of craftsmanship, Gibson wins hands down. They have excellent designs and the products are well made.

The parts are meticulously put together with great attention to detail. The workmanship is very impressive and the materials used to make it all, look great.

Fender, on the other hand, uses more of a “production” approach. They don’t have as much focus on making sure everything goes well like Gibson does, but they still do a good job overall.

Fender Guitars vs Yamaha Guitars.

Yamaha is a very popular brand among musicians. Yamaha was actually founded in 1887 to build reed organs, but they have made so much more since then.

Today, they produce pianos and guitars as well as anything else that is musical related.

They have won several awards for their products and continue to win over new customers every day because of their excellent products.

Yamaha has been around for over 50 years and constantly adds new products to their line.

Yamaha is also very popular among the rock star crowd because they are such an outstanding company that knows what they are doing.

Just like Fender, Yamaha guitars come in many different models, shapes, materials and prices.

Yamaha guitars also have a great line of basses and acoustic guitars as well as having the same great selection of electric guitar types.

Yamaha also includes some beautiful looking models that you can buy, just like Fender does with its guitars.

Fender Guitars vs Ovation Guitars

Ovation Guitars were first made in the 60’s and have been famous for making acoustic guitars that are a little different than anything else on the market.

Ovation is a subsidiary of the world-renowned guitar manufacturer Fender, and has won over many fans for creating some amazing instruments that are very different from others.

They have won over a lot of musicians because of their lower price range. They have a great variety to choose from and they have models that are very popular for recording.

These do not cost as much as other acoustic electric guitars on the market, so they are a good choice if you want to get a good sounding acoustic, but are on a budget.

The downside is that because they are lower priced, they may have some cheap components that would be better if they were improved upon.

They make some great electric guitars as well and they are a bit cheaper than some of their competitors in the same league.

Fender Guitars vs Cort Guitars

Cort guitars are a relatively new brand of guitars coming out of Korea. The company was founded in 1960. It is considered one of the leading guitar manufacturers in Korea today.

They create high quality products that are designed to be affordable and made to last.

Their building techniques are nothing short of impressive, which makes them some of the best guitars on the market today.

They come in a few different models, but is mostly geared towards youth.

That being said, they can still be very impressive guitars if you are looking for an affordable option that comes with a lot of great features.

One of the things you will love about Cort guitars is the fact that they are made out of alder wood. They are not using imported woods like other companies have, which makes them much more affordable than their competitors.

Summing Up

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The Fender Guitars are great instruments. They are one of the oldest brands in history of musical instruments and they have an excellent reputation that goes around the world. We hope you enjoyed reading about Fender Guitars and learned something new about them.

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