Hi there, My name is Dipanshu Mohapatra and I am a guitarist cum songwriter. I have been playing guitar for almost 8 years now and learned mostly from youtube and watching others play. Along the way, I played over 100 plus live gigs and shows. Side by side I also used to give offline lessons to beginner guitar players under the name Play Loud Guitar School. I always wanted to write for a blog, so I thought why not start a blog of my own and write all about guitars. Here, I am with Pick Up The Guitar. I hope you enjoy the content on this site as much as I enjoy creating it for you.


100+ Best Female Christian Singers (The Ultimate List)

Females have been present in Christian music since its inception. In the early days of Christianity, women were the primary singers of songs and hymns in the church. This continued throughout the middle ages and into the Renaissance. In more recent history, women have continued to play an important role in contemporary Christian music (CCM), both …

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100+ Best Songs About Falling In Love (Ultimate List)

Few things in life are as exciting, nerve-wracking, and emotionally charged as falling in love. The butterflies, the stolen glances, the giddy laughter, and the heart-wrenching moments – it’s all part of the experience. And throughout history, musicians have been inspired by love’s dizzying highs and devastating lows to write some of the most beautiful, …

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