15 Freestyle Songs You Can’t Help but Dance to

Freestyle music stands out from other genres because it values improvisation over structure. The lyrics are often written on-the-fly and the beats are constantly changing to keep listeners on their toes. This makes for an exciting musical experience as each song can be different from the last! 

With that being said, here is a list of some of the best freestyle songs from the past and present.

Top Best Freestyle Songs

1. Let the Music Play by Shannon

Debate may rage on over the origin of “freestyle music,” but one thing’s for sure: Shannon’s “Let the Music Play” stands tall as one of the genre’s pioneers and all-time greats. Released in July 1983, when the genre was yet to be truly born, this song established itself as a mainstay on dance floors everywhere.

2. I Wonder If I Take You Home by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

It goes without saying that “I Wonder If I Take You Home” is one of the greatest singles to come out of this genre alongside Shannon’s classic. Released in 1985, it was a game-changer for Latin freestyle music, soaring to the top spot on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

It was also the first number-one song for this trio from New York City who had been performing together since 1984. Since then its musical elements have been sampled numerous times over the years by some of the biggest musicians such as The Black Eyed Peas, Fabulous, Kylie Minogue, and Pitbull.

3. Spring Love (Come Back to Me) by Stevie B

It’s a fact they don’t make Freestyle songs like they used to. Proof of this lies in Miami’s Stevie B’s 1988 classic, “Spring Love (Come Back to Me)”. Beyond being an emblem of the late 80s Freestyle scene, it’s a song with lasting staying power that never fails to get people singing along. A true Freestyle staple. 

4. Come Go With Me by Exposé

Few Freestyle songs have stood the test of time like “Come Go With Me” by Exposé. Released in 1987, it was a defining pop track of its era, reflecting vibrant Latin Dance rhythms that have endured as an audio backdrop for much of our modern culture.

It is also one of those songs that introduced Expose’ to audiences outside of the Freestyle genre and were their first Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits, peaking at number five.

5. Take Me in Your Arms by Lil Suzy 

Another freestyle song that stands out is Lil Suzy’s “Take Me in Your Arms.” It was released in 1991, from the album Love Can’t-Wait and it managed to reach No.67 on the Billboard Hot 100 and a startling No. 4 on the Canadian dance chart, showing just how much people connected with this track when it was released.

90s Freestyle Songs

6. Together Forever by Lisette Melendez

Lisette Melendez’s “Together Forever” stands out as one of the best new school freestyle songs of the 1990s. The single achieved impressive success in 1991, when it peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent nine weeks on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

Not only was it one of the last Freestyle songs to infiltrate into Top 40 status but also managed to make its mark in pop culture as a savior for Freestyle music after grunge birthed its way onto the scene.

7. Bad of the Heart by George Lamond 

With classic Freestyle beats and intense lyrics, George Lamond’s hit single “Bad of the Heart” is an amazing track for any Freestyle fan. Released in 1989 and taken from Lamond’s debut album, this song is renowned as the go-to Freestyle song during the early 90s.

Peaking at number 25 on U.S charts, ‘Bad of the Heart’ was by far one of George Lamond’s most successful releases and continues to be appreciated today. If you love Freestyle music then make sure to give this a listen!

8. Temptation by Corina 

Corina’s “Temptation” is a must-listen for any Freestyle fan that appreciates high-quality beats and lyrics.  Written by Carlos Berrios, Corina, Franc Reyes, and Luis Capri Duprey this was her biggest hit to date, going on to peak at number 6 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100 chart.

9. Do You Miss Me? by Jocelyn Enriquez

Written and produced by Glenn Gutierrez, the song debuted on San Francisco radio station Wild 107.7 before becoming a chart-topping success in both the US and Canada.

The single attained a peak of #49 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #8 on the Hot Dance Singles Sales chart, and even years later, has gone on to inspire covers from celebrated acts like Lucky Boys Confusion, who released a fast-paced rock version in 2001.

Thanks to the reverberations of this Freestyle classic, Enriquez was able to tour numerous countries such as Brazil and the Philippines. Maybe she even found her own answers to her song’s title question!

10. Set U Free – Planet Soul 

“Set U Free” by Planet Soul is the perfect track to listen to if you’re looking to step out of the bounds of traditional Freestyle songs. Released in 1995 and co-written by Nadine Renee and George Acosta, the single was produced by Acosta himself. It managed to peak at 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1996, providing a refreshing take on Freestyle music with its unique sound. 

80s Freestyle Songs

11. Show Me by The Cover Girls

“Show Me” by The Cover Girls is a classic Freestyle song that changed the direction of the genre and for good reasons. Released in 1987, it blew up on the charts peaking at #4 on the US Hot Dance Club Play chart before being released to radio where it rose to #44 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, remaining for 18 weeks.

The tremendous success of this track paved the way for The Cover Girls to secure an album deal, resulting in the release of their debut album, fittingly titled “Show Me”.

12. Silent Morning by Noel 

“Silent Morning” is one of Freestyle’s most recognizable tunes of the 80s, and it has only reached its iconic status through the unique story of Noel, its composer.

It’s alleged that producer Aaron Hanson pulled out a gun and threatened to blow Noel’s head off if he didn’t make something good of the session, spurring him to deliver what we all now hear as “Silent Morning.”

Since then, it has been seared into Freestyle fans’ memories as one of Freestyle’s songwriting history’s greatest stories.

13. I Can’t Wait by Nu Shooz 

I Can’t Wait by Nu Shooz is a shining gem and another amazing example of Freestyle music from the 1980s. With a silky-smooth vocal delivery and funky musicality, this timeless piece blends the perfect ingredients for a never-aging sound.

As you keep listening, you’ll discover new intricate details woven into the spellbinding production. And the cherry on top? It topped Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart, holding the No.1 position for an impressive two weeks in late March 1986!”

14. One Way Love by TKA

It’s hard to miss the heavy influence of Freestyle songs in this catchy tune, with bumping beats and yearning lyrics that perfectly conveyed the essence of love.

In 1986 it also appeared in Modern Girls, a popular movie at the time, and further catapulted TKA to fame. The song remains beloved today, continuing on as one of Freestyle music’s timeless gems.

15. I Wanna Be the One by Stevie B.

I Wanna Be The One by Stevie B is an absolute classic in the Freestyle music genre. Released as the lead single of his album In My Eyes, this song earned him major success with its catchy tune zooming up to number 32 on the Billboard Charts in 1989.

Although this song has traveled through time, one listen to it and you’re instantly taken back to 1989.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the 15 greatest Freestyle songs ever! Spanning decades and artists, this collection is sure to make any Freestyle fan happy. Whether you’re new to the genre or an experienced listener, it’s worth giving it a listen!