30 Best Christian Songs about Healing (Ultimate List)

It’s impossible to always be in a good place mentally and emotionally. Everyone experiences times of struggle, pain, and suffering, but those with faith are often able to find comfort and solace in the words of sacred scripture and inspired songs. Whether it’s healing from a broken heart, recovering from an illness, or needing strength to cope with tough times, these 30 best Christian songs about healing can provide an uplifting source of inspiration.

30 Best Christian Songs about Healing

1. Healer by Hillsong Worship

Sometimes the best thing to do is trust and leave everything to him and this song acknowledges exactly that. It’s a reminder that no matter what the world throws our way, we can always trust in God’s power to heal and save. Because he is the ultimate source of strength, hope, and healing, and the one who holds power over all things.

2. Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North 

We often find ourselves desperately trying to hide our suffering and expect that it will miraculously go away. But healing doesn’t work that way. To really heal one has to lay down their defenses, let go of control, and trust in the power of love and forgiveness. This song is a heartfelt reminder of exactly that.

3. Heal Me O Lord by Don Moen

“Heal Me O Lord” by Don Moen is an inspiring record that can be heard in Christian churches worldwide in praise of God.  As the title suggests this song is a sincere plea for God’s heavenly hand to bring physical, mental, and emotional healing. If you feel broken and need help, then this one is for you. 

4. Jesus You Are My Healer by Don Moen

Another powerful song by Don Moen, “Jesus You Are My Healer” express a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a reliance on Him for all aspects of life, especially for healing. Whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, this song is a prayer of faith and hope to God in times of need.

5. Healing by Riley Clemmon

Riley Clemmon’s “Healing”, speaks to those struggling with their personal issues and instills a sense of hope. It suggests that true healing comes from taking the first step into the unknown and having enough courage to take the leap of faith. It doesn’t mean that the pain will be gone immediately, but it does mean that healing can happen if you take a chance and allow yourself to trust in God’s plan. 

6. Healing Is In Your Hands by Passion Conferences

If you are looking for a reminder of God’s incredible power and ability to bring healing, look no further than the song, “Healing Is In Your Hands”. The message of this song is that with faith in God’s infinite love and grace, we can be more than conquerors of anything that threatens us. So take heart and know that healing is in your hands, if only you trust Him to lead the way!

7. Come as You Are by Crowder

There is no such thing that cannot be healed. Doesn’t matter how damaged you think you are, or how hurt and broken you feel, God can heal it all.

This song “Come as You Are” by Crowder is a gentle reminder that you don’t have to hide, or put on masks and pretend to be something you are not. Let go of all your worries and fears, and come to Him just as you are because His love is unconditional. With over 15 million views, this is Crowder’s one of most successful songs.

8. Welcome The Healer by Passion Conferences

With lyrics that speak openly and courageously to Jesus, Welcome The Healer by Passion Conferences is a song of worship rooted in faith.

It encourages us to remain strong in our praises and worship no matter what we’re walking through because it is through these moments that we bring God close and allow Him to be near enough to heal whatever ails us. 

9. Way Maker by Sinach

Way Maker by Sinach conveys a profoundly encouraging message; no matter the darkness we see around or within ourselves, it’s comforting to know that God is present, touching every life and meeting every need. This is truly a song worthy of praise as it honors our waymaker and his mighty works.

10. I Lift My Hands by Chris Tomlin

The beauty of Chris Tomlin’s song I Lift My Hands lies in its honest response to the struggles and hard times we all face. The lyrics bring a simple assurance; no matter how hard life gets, He will always be there for us as a fortress for the weak and a refuge for those in need – His healing never fails.

So whenever we feel weak or lost, this song is a great reminder to lift our hands, pour out our hearts, trust Him completely and remember that He is faithful forever!

Christian Songs about healing The Weak

In the Christian tradition, there are some truly moving songs about healing the weak, and about God’s presence in our struggles. These songs serve as a reminder that no matter what life throws at us, we have a heavenly Father who loves us and wants to help ease our burden.

Even those who don’t believe in Him can find strength and hope in these hymns of faith. Listening to these wonderful songs can help comfort us even during our darkest moments, as they serve as an important reminder that God is always by our side cheering us on and loving us unconditionally through it all.

  1. With Hope by Steven Curtis Chapman
  2. Victory in Jesus by Dynamic Praise
  3. No Eye Has Seen by Don Moen
  4. I Will Fear No More by The Afters
  5. Strength of My Life by Vertical Worship
  6. Cry of the Broken by Hillsong Worship
  7. Healer by Kari Jobe
  8. Hillsong Worship by You Are My Strength
  9. God of All My Days by Casting Crowns
  10. Healing Rain by Michael W. Smith

Christian Songs about healing a Broken Heart

At some point in our life, we all have experienced heartache in one form or another. But as we surrender ourselves to him in faith, we can take hope knowing that no wound is too deep for his loving embrace.

So, when you need comfort in times of pain and sorrow, turn up the volume and listen to these beautiful Christian songs about healing a broken heart. These songs will definitely help lift your spirits and fill you with faith no matter what.

  1. Remedy by David Crowder Band
  2. Beauty in the broken by Hyland
  3. Hold My Heart by Tenth Avenue North
  4. My help comes from the Lord by The Museum
  5. What Faith Can Do by Kutless

New Christian Songs about Healing

As times are changing so are the messages behind these songs. In the last few years, there have been some incredible new Christian songs about healing that bring a modern twist to this genre. These songs are proof that hope can be found in the most unexpected places, and that faith can bring us through even our toughest of times.

  1. In Jesus Name (God of Possible) by Katy Nichole (2022)
  2. Healer by Casting Crowns (2022)
  3. The Healing by Blanca and Dante Bowe
  4. Beauty of the Cross by The Prestonwood Choir (2021)
  5. I Speak Jesus by Charity Gayle (2021)

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re in need of comfort, healing, or just a reminder to trust and have faith in God, the 30 best Christian songs about healing listed above are sure to give you the strength, courage, and reassurance you need. So listen to them, take comfort in the words, and may you be blessed with a greater sense of peace and hope.