How to Maintain an Electric Guitar

How to Maintain an Electric Guitar?

Because electric guitars are more complex than normal acoustic guitar, they require a little more maintaining. Taking care of your electric guitar is crucial to the life of the guitar, how well it sounds, how often the strings get worn out, and more.

There are 10 important things that you need to remember in the interest of maintaining your guitar to its highest standards.

10 Ways To Maintain an Electric Guitar

1 – Make sure your hands are clean before touching your guitar. Wash your hands clean to ensure that you remove any oil or dirt from it. This can keep the fretboard as good as new and also increase the life span of your strings.

2 – Once you have finished playing, wipe your guitar with a dry cloth to eliminate any fingerprints or stains and then put it back in its case.

3 – Keeping your guitar in its case is important as changing climatic temperatures can damage the body of your guitar.

4 – You would find a lot of big guitar bags to store your guitar in. Ignore all of them and instead purchase a hard case that will preserve your guitar well.

5 – Buy a case humidifier and use this to properly humidify your guitar while it is in the case.

6 – Ensure that the neck of the guitar is properly set up while playing. A bent neck can be frustrating for many guitar players. Use an Allen wrench if you have to adjust the truss rod in the neck.

7 – Don’t expose your guitar to drastic temperatures as this would cause it to expand or contract since it is made of wood. This can damage your guitar.

8 – When your strings appear to be worn out, change them. Don’t change all the strings at once, but instead, change one string at a time as this reduces the stress on the neck of the guitar.

9 – Don’t forget to play your guitar every single day. That’s right! Play it every day to keep it going. Regular use of your guitar keeps it running for a longer time.

10 – Follow steps 1 to 9 religiously.

Maintaining your guitar frequently ensures that your guitar is always in its best shape and sounds wonderful at all times.