How to Restring an Electric Guitar

Today we have a lesson on how to restring an electric guitar. If you have never changed the strings of your electric guitar before then have a look at this step by step guide on how to string your electric guitar.

How to Restring an Electric Guitar

1 – Loosen the strings of your guitar by turning the pegs. Start by the 1st string (the thickest one) and move lower. A drop in the tone signals that the string is getting loose.

2 – Once you have made the string lose, you should be able to remove it. Don’t try removing all the strings at once as the pressure on the neck of the guitar changes, causing problems to it. Remove one string at a time. Once you remove the string, make sure to dispose of it off as it can hurt someone if it is lying around.

3 – Feed the new string into the guitar by sliding it through the appropriate hole on the back, pulling it from the other side, running it down the neck of the guitar, and finally up to the peg.

4 – Slide the string into the hole of the peg and turn the peg counter-clockwise to tighten the string. If your guitar has only three pegs on one side, you would have to turn the pegs the other way for the fourth, fifth, and sixth string.

5 – Use your index finger to push the string against the fretboard to reduce the tension caused while tightening it.

6 – Turn the peg slowly, making sure that the string coils around it perfectly as you tighten it.

7 – Cut off any excess string. The excess string can hurt someone. Cut whatever excess part of the string is left and dispose of it immediately.

8 – Do the same for the other strings too.

New strings often go out of tune. So you may have to tune it a few times in the beginning.

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