Pros and Cons Of Learning Guitar From A Book

There are several guitar learning books available on the online market today that claim to teach you how to play this instrument the right way. Many of them actually provide useful and complete information one needs in order to play the guitar professionally. However, for certain people, it just doesn’t work. In this post, we will see the pros and cons of learning the guitar from a book.

Let’s have a look.

The Pros

Guitar learning books can be a great learning method for some people. If such a book works for you, you can benefit from the several advantages it provides. Many theory books are written by professional guitar players in an easy to read and informative style. They provide thorough information on all aspects of guitar playing. They start with the basics and finally teach you advanced playing techniques. However, you can stop at the level you are satisfied with.

Most music theory books also include some exercises you can practice on to improve your guitar playing skills. Some of them list the most common mistakes beginner guitarists make along to some effective ways to correct them.

Learn to play guitar books are also very inexpensive compared to other methods. They are available in most bookstores or you can order them online. They are also very comfortable to use. You can practice whenever you feel like it and you don’t have to leave the house to do it.

The Cons

Experience has shown that most people who want to learn how to play the guitar do purchase theory books, but then they leave them to gather dust on their bookshelf forever. In order to be able to benefit from those books, you have to be very patient and motivated, which most of us are not.

While trying to learn from a theory book, you often get distracted. Most of us can’t stay focused for too long while reading a book. Some people tend to get bored easily, thus turning an activity that should be fun into something they always want to put up for later.

Guitar learning books don’t provide you with any demonstration on how your music supposed to sound. It can’t offer you any feedback on whether you’re progressing or not. When you get stuck, you have nowhere to turn for help.

The benefits of guitar learning books should not be ignored or underestimated. It provides you with useful and complete information. It is quite inexpensive and saves you a good amount of time. Although many of us can’t find a way to use it effectively, for those who are well motivated and patient it can be a very effective method of learning to play the guitar.