Top 12 Reasons Why Dance Music is So Popular

Dance music is a genre that has been around for decades and it seems to be gaining in popularity.

The reasons why many people love dance music are the energy, beats, and lyrics. Dance music can get you up on your feet and onto the dance floor. It’s great for exercise or just to get out of a funk!

Here are 10 reasons why so many people love this type of music: 


1) It’s played at every club, party, and festival across the globe.

Yes, you heard it right. Every single club, party, and festival that you can think of, dance music is played or performed live on stage. The reason it’s so popular across the globe is that it has such a mixture of genres and styles that everyone can find something to love about the scene.

2) It’s accessible and energetic.

Dance music is energetic and accessible, which is why it appeals to so many people. The beats are catchy and the melodies are fun to sing along with, which is perfect for people who want some music to dance around the living room with, or headbang in their cars.

3) You can hear it at any time of the day and night.

This is one of the best things about dance music, you can hear it pretty much anywhere because it’s played in clubs and festivals, but also on the radio and online because there are thousands of radio shows dedicated to just playing dance music. It’s even the choice to be played in elevators and at work!

4) It’s creative and entertaining.

Besides it being accessible and energetic, dance music is also creative and entertaining because there are so many different styles of dance music, from trance to dubstep, house to techno… you can find literally hundreds of sub-genres within dance music. There is something for everyone within the scene.

5) It has a great history.

There is nothing quite like going to a club and seeing a DJ behind the decks, whether it’s someone playing their own original material or a remix of an existing song, there is something really special about watching people play the music that they have created themselves. Dance music carries with it history from disco all the way up to modern-day dance music, it’s fascinating – and often surprising – to see how much things have changed.

6) There are all sorts of different people within the scene.

No matter what color or nationality you might be, there is a place for you in the dance music scene. The dance music scene is full of people who love the music and are passionate about the scene. It’s so diverse that there really isn’t anybody who doesn’t fit in with it.

7) You can express yourself in loads of ways.

From wearing a pair of bright green wellies to an incredible dress made from thousands of pieces of fabric… you can pretty much express yourself however you want! There are so many different styles within dance music that it’s easy to find something that suits your style and taste.

8) It helps bring people together.

One of the best things about dance music is that it has a history of bringing people from all sorts of different backgrounds and likes to come together, whether it’s at an event or online, the community helps to bring people together. It doesn’t matter what your background is, everyone loves to dance!

9) Dance music events are so much fun!

There is something really special about going to a big event and seeing all of your friends, dancing to forget about the worries of life. It’s one of the best feelings in the world and it’s even better when you’re surrounded by thousands of people that share that same love for dance music as you do.

10) Because it never dies, it just keeps on living!

Dance music is huge. It’s everywhere all the time and there’s no sign of it dying down anytime soon either. People are still discovering new sub-genres even now after 30 years of the scene existing, so that shows you how much potential dance music has to keep ongoing. There will always be a place for dance music!

11) It’s just downright fun.

Electronic dance music is fun. You can’t deny that, and when you come to a festival or club the music isn’t the only thing that people are there for. People go to all-night festivals in support of the DJs they love and adore, which brings me onto my next point…

12) The DJs are celebrities now.

The electronic dance music scene has become a world of its own, and the DJs who play the music we love are now celebrities. They’re walking billboards for their brands, friends with other famous DJs, and just generally big-name people! You’ll often see them at events that have nothing to do with dance music promoting their latest product or even helping out charities from time to time.


From dark basements in the 1970s to massive festivals with millions of people watching from around the world, dance music has come a long way. So, there you have it: 10 Reasons Why Dance Music is So Popular. Now you know the facts and can share this article with your friends and family!