10 Best BTS Songs About Friendship

K-pop group BTS is renowned for its powerful messages of friendship and camaraderie. Their music often speaks to the importance of strong relationships, with many songs featuring lyrics that embody their signature sentiment.

The band’s discography is full of inspirational anthems about how important it is to have a solid foundation of friends and family.

From those anthems here I present you the 10 best BTS songs about friendship, honoring the close bonds of the members.

1. Friends

One day when this cheer dies down, stay (Ayy), hey (Ayy)
Stay by my side
For eternity, keep staying here, stay (Ayy), hey (Ayy)
Like your tiny pinky
Longer than seven summers and cold winters
Longer than numerous promises and memories

2. Good Day

I said it's alright, oh yeah
One day it'll be a good day, for sure
You won't be alone, always
I'll be by your side, we'll be okay
If we're connected, (sunny light) surely it'll be brighter tomorrow

3. We Are Bulletproof

Throw stones at me
We don’t fear anymore
We are we are together, bulletproof
(Yeah we have you have you)
Even if winter comes again
Even if I’m blocked off, I will still walk
We are we are forever, bulletproof
(Yeah, we got to heaven)

4. Mikrokosmos

(Ayo) One light is ambition
Some light is rebellion
People's lights
All are precious
This dark night (Don't be lonely)
Like stars (We shine)
Don't disappear
'Cause you're a big existence
Let us shine

5. A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

Good DayI want to fly though I have no wings
But your hands become my wings
I want to forget the dark and lonely things
Together with you

6. Spring Day

I miss you
Saying this makes me miss you all even more
I miss you
Even though I'm looking at your photo
Time's so cruel, I hate us
Seeing each other is now more difficult

7. Magic Shop

You were the one that made your way to me
I do believe your galaxy, I want to listen to your melody
Your stars in the Milky Way, don't forget that I found you anyways
At the end of my despair, you're the last reason
For me who was standing at the edge of the cliff, live


Love you my brother, I’ve got brothers
I discovered emotions, I became me
So I’m me
Now I’m me

9. Moving On

I remember how we came here three years ago
When you and I used to fight all the time
The wallpaper, bathroom, and veranda were all blue
Back then I thought this was a big place
But my ambition grew too big
That big house became too small now

10. Paradise

But the real world is
Different from what's promised
We need to run, we need to step on it
If you shoot a flare
You don't have a destination
There's no sceneries at all
Until your breath comes up to your chin
You need to you need to

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it guyz, the 10 best BTS songs about friendship. From anthems of togetherness with sentimental lyrics to heart-warming melodies that urge us all to be kind, these songs truly represent the powerful bond between seven individuals that is BTS. No matter where life takes them, we hope their friendship will stay strong and continue to inspire the world. Thank you for reading!

Peace Out! 🙂