13 Best Christian Songs about Heaven

For those of us who are part of the Christian faith, one thing we can all agree on is that Heaven is the ultimate destination for our souls.

But the journey can be filled with joy and fellowship if we keep strong relationships with others who share the same faith. So, it only makes sense to put that joy and fellowship into music in order to help keep our spirits high and remind us of the heavenly home that awaits us.

Here I present you with the 13 best Christian songs about Heaven. These songs are filled with imagery and references to Scripture, helping us to celebrate our faith in a meaningful way.

1. Heaven’s Now My Home by Libby L. Allen

I fought the fight I finished the race
Throughout the trial kept my faith
No longer do I suffer my body's
Been made whole
I am flying with the angels
And heaven's now my home

Released in 2022, this song is about a person who has passed away and is now in heaven, where they have been welcomed by God and the angels and are free from suffering and pain. The chorus states: “I fought the fight I finished the race/Throughout the trial kept my faith/No longer do I suffer my body’s/And heaven’s now my home.

2. Heaven Song by Phil Wickham

I wanna run on greener pastures
I wanna dance on higher hills
I wanna drink from sweeter waters
In the misty morning chill
And my soul is getting restless for the place where I belong
I can't wait to join the angels and sing my Heaven song

This song by Phil Wickham is about his longing for heaven and the excitement to join the angels and sing. The lyrics suggest the anticipation of running on greener pastures, dancing on higher hills, and drinking from sweeter waters in the misty morning chill.

3. I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe

I can only imagine what it will be like
When I walk by Your side
I can only imagine what my eyes will see
When Your face is before me
I can only imagine
I can only imagine

MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine” expresses the desire of many believers to know what it will be like to see Jesus face-to-face. The song muses on whether one would dance, fall to their knees, or simply be still in awe at the sight of Jesus.Hymn of Heaven by Phil Wickham

4. Hymn of Heaven by Phil Wickham

How I long to breathe the air of Heaven
Where pain is gone and mercy fills the streets
To look upon the One who bled to save me
And walk with Him for all eternity

The opening lines of “Hymn of Heaven” immediately set the tone for the entire song. It speaks of our innate longing for a place beyond this world, where we can find rest, peace, and comfort that is beyond compare. This longing is something that every believer can relate to, as we navigate through the challenges of this life and the pain that comes with it.

5. Save a Place for Me by Matthew West

I wanna live my life just like You did
And make the most of my time just like You did
And I wanna make my home up in the sky
Just like You did, oh, but until I get there
Until I get there

“Save a Place for Me” is a beautiful and inspiring song that speaks to the heart of every Christian. It reminds us that our true home is not in this world, but in heaven, where we will be reunited with Jesus. The song also challenges us to live our lives like Jesus, loving and serving others, until we can be with Him in the sky.

6. Dancing With the Angels by Monk & Neagle

You're dancing with the angels
Walking in new life
You're dancing with the angels
Heaven fills your eyes
Now that you're dancing with the angels

This song is a beautiful tribute to someone who has passed away, and the singer’s emotions are palpable as he sing about his sadness and longing for more time with his loved one. However, the song’s lyrics soon shift to a more hopeful tone, as he acknowledges that his loved one is now in a better place and that he can find solace in the knowledge that they are now in the company of the angels.

7. One Day (When We All Get To Heaven) by Matt Redman

And when we all get to heaven
What a day of rejoicing that will be
When we all see Jesus
We'll sing and shout the victory
Yes, when we all get to heaven
What a day of rejoicing that will be
And when we all see Jesus
We'll sing and shout the victory

The central message of “One Day (When We All Get to Heaven)” is the promise of a better tomorrow. The song speaks of a day when Jesus Christ will return and make everything new. At that moment, all pain, sorrow, and struggle will be replaced with joy and victory.

8. As It Is (In Heaven) by Hillsong Worship

Whether now or then
Death is not my end
I know heaven waits for me
Though the road seems long
I'll never walk alone
I've got all I need to sing

This song’s message is clear: even in the face of suffering and death, believers can have unshakeable hope in the promise of heaven.

9. Streets of Heaven by Sherrié Austin

Well it must be kinda crowded, on the streets of heaven
So tell me, what do you need her for
Don't you know one day she'll be your little girl forever
But right now, I need her so much more

This song is a heartfelt plea to God to spare the life of a young child who is fighting for her life in a hospital room. The lyrics express the desperation of the narrator as they beg for their child’s life to be spared, knowing that she is much too young to die.

The song also acknowledges that ultimately it is up to God to decide, but the narrator implores him to hold the child’s hand when she crosses over to heaven.

10. Touch Of Heaven by Hillsong Worship

All I want is to live within Your love
Be undone by who You are
My desire is to know You deeper
Lord, I will open up again
Throw my fears into the wind
I am desperate for a touch of heaven

The title of the song is “Touch of Heaven,” and it’s clear that the singer is longing for a taste of what heaven will be like. They want to experience the fullness of God’s love and be enveloped in His presence. The song creates a sense of anticipation and longing for the day when we will be reunited with our Creator in heaven.

11. Majesty of Heaven by Chris Tomlin

To you the nations bow down
To you a creation cries out
All things you hold together
Your name will stand forever
You are majesty

12. I Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven by Keith Green

Seaside sunset, silver linings round the clouds
Birds fly, singing, making such a joyful sound
Thoughts of Heaven somehow seem to fill my mind
But I can't even imagine what it is I'm gonna find

13. Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There by Jennifer Hudson

There's a place in Heaven
Prepared for me
When the toils of this life is over
When the saints are clothed in white
Before the throne
Singing praises forever forever more

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it: our list of 13 best Christian songs about Heaven. Each of these songs speaks to the heart and soul of every believer and provides a glimpse into the beauty and redemption that awaits us in heaven. We hope that you have found something here to give you a sense of hope and comfort as you wait for the day that Jesus will come and bring us all home. Until then, we can find hope in knowing that heaven awaits.