8 Best Christmas Songs about Snowflakes

There is something truly magical about the soft, delicate snow flakes, and it is no surprise that they have inspired some of the best Christmas songs of all time.

From classic tunes to modern hits, here are the 8 best Christmas songs about snowflakes. These songs will transport you to a winter wonderland and fill you with the joy and warmth of the holiday season.

1. Snowflake by Jim Reeves

Hey, hey, hey, snowflake (Snowflake)
My pretty little snowflake (Snowflake)
You've got me warm as a fire
With the burning desire for you

First, on the list, we have the classic song “Snowflake” by country music singer Jim Reeves. In this uplifting tune, Reeves evokes the feelings of falling in love during the winter season and goes on to describe his partner as a snowflake, capturing their delicate and beautiful nature.

In the chorus, Reeves sings, “Hey, hey, hey, snowflake, My pretty little snowflake” as a way to show the person’s affection and admiration for their partner.

The song then concludes with a sense of joy and contentment, as Reeves reflects on the happiness that his love has brought him and how it will last through the winter and beyond. A must-listen for anyone wanting to get into the festive mood.

2. Snowflakes of Love by Toni Braxton

On this day, snowy day
Let me thank you for the joy you're giving me
I'm so happy
I have snowflakes of love smiling down on me

Next, we have the beautiful and heartfelt ballad “Snowflakes of Love” by R&B singer Toni Braxton.

Wrapped up in soulful harmonies and Braxton’s powerful vocals, this ballad is a tribute to the unique kind of love that only seems to thrive in the chilly winter months. Not to ignore, the enchanting chorus featuring Braxton’s signature melisma will fill your heart with warmth and emotion.

3. Snowflakes by Olivia Holt

We are snowflakes
Floating till we find our place
From a distance we may look the same
But we're beautiful in our own way
We are snowflakes

“Snowflakes” by Olivia Holt is another magical Christmas song that perfectly captures the season’s spirit. This catchy pop tune has a light and airy melody that will have you singing along in no time.

The lyrics also carry a beautiful message of hope, reminding us that even during the darkest of times, we can find strength and joy in the little things.

4. Snowflakes by Maddi Jane 

No two raindrops are the same
Each one
Has a place and has a name
When it gets cold
They recieve a new design
Then fall down just in time for christmas night

“Snowflakes” by Maddi Jane is one more upbeat and uplifting Christmas song about snowflakes. This joyous tune discusses the uniqueness of snowflakes and how they each have their own individual characteristics.

The song also encourages individuality and self-acceptance, suggesting that just like snowflakes, individuals should embrace their own unique qualities and not compare themselves to others.

But most importantly the song also touches on the joy and excitement of the holiday season, particularly when snow is falling.

5. Snowflake by Sia

Snowflake, I'm tryin' to keep you safe
You gave me your trust and I want you safe
Snowflake, you know I've got your back
There's no one like you, so I'm gonna hide you
My sweet

Who could forget the amazing Sia and her song “Snowflake”? This heart-warming anthem is a reminder that no matter what we go through, our love will always keep us warm.

The lyrics are about ‘Sia’ who has caught a snowflake and is trying to keep it safe.

She loves the snowflake and wants to protect it, but knows that eventually, the snowflake will have to be released.

The song also includes a message of hope and confidence, with Sia expressing her belief that the snowflake will be able to survive and thrive on its own. Overall, the song seems to be a reflection on the fleeting nature of love and the importance of letting go.

6. Counting Snowflakes by Maple Leaf Learning

Well, I’m just sitting outside,
counting the snowflakes one two three four five.
Six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve.

Counting Snowflakes is a simple and straightforward song about a person who is sitting outside and counting snowflakes.

They count the snowflakes as they fall to the ground, and mention that there are twenty snowflakes in total. The song is likely meant to be playful and fun, possibly encouraging listeners to count snowflakes along with the singer. A perfect song for kids and adults alike.

7. SnowFlake by Jason Chen

In my eyes
You're the only snowflake
It gets a little sweeter
When I see your face
But this year we're making
Memories that can't be erased

“SnowFlake” by Jason Chen is another vibrant tune that will have you feeling all kinds of festive. The song is all about the narrator’s love for their partner, and how they don’t need material possessions to feel happy because their loved one is all they need.

The narrator even compares their partner to a snowflake, saying that they light up the sky with their presence, and also wishes that they could pull their partner out of the sky and be with them on Christmas day.

Wrapped up in a catchy pop beat, this is a great song for those who want to celebrate the season with someone special.

8. Purple Snowflakes by John Legend

I'm sure that snowflakes, fall from the gloom
I will always remember this night here with you
Yeah, the snowflakes, pretty purple snowflakes

John Legend is the master of making any season extra special with his incredible voice and music. and his classic Christmas tune, “Purple Snowflakes,” is the perfect example.

The song paints a beautiful picture of a snowy winter night, with purple snowflakes falling softly from the sky and covering the ground in silence. The narrator is filled with joy and excitement at the sight of these snowflakes and sees them as a sign that their love for someone else will last forever.

They happily roast chestnuts and toast their toes in front of a warm fire, feeling carefree and blessed at the moment. This is a night that they will always remember with the person they are with.

A soulful tune with a peaceful atmosphere, this is the perfect song to listen to when snuggled up during a cozy winter evening.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it, the 8 best Christmas songs about snowflakes. From upbeat and joyful songs to soulful ballads, these tunes are sure to put you in a festive mood no matter what time of year it is. So grab some hot cocoa and snuggle up by the fire as you listen to these amazing songs about snow!

Happy listening!