10 Easy Taylor Swift Guitar Songs

Are you looking for Taylor Swift songs that can be played on guitar? If yes, then in this post I have listed out 10 songs by Taylor Swift that you can easily play on acoustic guitar. These songs are best for beginners and for the people who are starting out to learn guitar.

The great thing is these songs don’t require any advanced techniques but always remember to learn one song at once before jumping onto the next song. Make sure to play these songs slowly until you are comfortable playing them at the original speed.

The four most common chords that you will find in the songs mentioned below are [G-Em-Cadd9-D]. These chords are basic and open chords that any guitarist can play. Here are the chord diagrams;


Note: I have linked each song with its tabs and a YouTube video lesson to make your work easier. Some songs in this list require a capo but if you don’t like one then you can play without the capo.

So, here are the 10 easy Taylor Swift songs that you can play on guitar

1. Love Story

This country-pop song is one of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs that you can play both in acoustic and electric guitar. If you want to play this song without the capo then you will have to play some barre chords. If you want to make everything simpler then clip a capo on the second fret. The chord progression with the capo goes like C-G-Am-F-D-A-Bm.

  1. Chords – C-G-Am-F-D-A-Bm
  2. Strumming – D-DU-DU-DU
  3. Key – C
  4. Capo – Second Fret
  5. Lesson

2. Fifteen

This song is the fourth single from her second studio album ‘Fearless’. Taylor was inspired by a high school heartbreak to write this song. The chords and the strumming pattern for this song are pretty simple and beginner-friendly. If you are looking for a no capo Taylor swift song then this is it. This song doesn’t require a capo.

  1. Chords – G-Cadd9-Em7-D/F#
  2. Strumming – D-UU-D-UU-D
  3. Key – G
  4. Lesson

3. Teardrops on My Guitar

Taylor swift co-wrote this song with Liz Rose for her self-titled debut album ‘Taylor Swift’. Through this song, Swift made her debut entry on Billboard Hot 100. Though this is one of Swift’s oldest songs, it is still relevant today and learned by new guitar learners. The song has only four chords and a super simple strumming pattern. Make sure to use a capo on the third fret to sound like the original song.

  1. Chords – G-Em-C-D
  2. Strumming – D-DUD-DU
  3. Key – Bb
  4. Capo – Third Fret
  5. Lesson

4. Tim McGraw

This is the first single of her debut self-titled album. Swift also co-wrote this one with Liz Rose. If you are looking for a 4 chord Taylor Swift song then this is it. The song starts with an awesome slide intro that is super easy. Here is a great lesson by Julie from where you can learn the whole song including the intro riff.

  1. Chords – G-Em7-Cadd9-D-Dsus4
  2. Strumming – DD-DUU-DD-DU
  3. Capo – Fifth Fret
  4. Lesson

5. Mine

Mine is one of Taylor Swift’s popular numbers that was praised positively by the critics. This is also a 4 chord song and doesn’t need a capo. There are some twists and variations in this song but it won’t be a problem in learning it. The song starts with a bit of palm muting strumming that sounds simple but may take some time to learn it if you are a newbie. Here is a youtube video lesson by Nail Guitar where he explained everything from start to end.

  1. Chords – C-G-D-Em
  2. Key – G
  3. Lesson

6. Lover

Again one of the easy songs by Taylor Swift that you can play on the guitar without the capo. According to sources, Swift wrote this song at her home in one night on piano. Later, Swift along with producer Jack Antonoff recorded the whole song in just 6 hours. The easiest part of the song is the strumming pattern which goes like DDD-DDD, all downstrokes.

  1. Chords – G-Dsus4-Cadd9-D/F#-Em7
  2. Strumming – DDD-DDD
  3. Key – G
  4. Capo – No Capo
  5. Lesson

7. Cornelia Street

Cornelia Street is one of the songs from her album ‘Lover’. If you want an awesome lesson of this song then check out this video by for3v3rfaithful. In this video, she has taught the Live version (Paris) of this song which is easy compared to the album version. The song has only 5 open chords and 2 strumming patterns which are super easy and will not take much time to learn.

  1. Chords – G-D/F#-Em7-Cadd9-Dsus4
  2. Strumming – DUU-DUU-DDU
  3. Capo – Fourth Fret
  4. Lesson

8. Gorgeous

This track was released as a promotional single for her sixth studio album Reputation. It is really a fun and simple song to play on an acoustic guitar. The chord progression and the strumming pattern are also beginner-friendly. Here is a guitar lesson by Guitar Goddess of this song where she explained how to play this song easily without the capo.

  1. Chords – C-Am-F-Em-G
  2. Strumming – D-DUD-DUD-DU
  3. Key – C
  4. Lesson

9. Back To December

This song is the second single from her third studio album ‘Speak Now’ which was released in the year 2010. This is again a 5 chord song with simple strumming pattern that goes like DD-UDU-DD. Make sure to use a capo on the second fret and use the chords mentioned below.

  1. Chords – C-Am-F-G-Em
  2. Strumming – DD-UDU-DD
  3. Capo – Second Fret
  4. Lesson

10. Betty

Betty is the fourteenth track of her eight studio album Folklore. This song all about two fictional characters James and Betty and was co-written by Swift and Joe Alwyn. The song starts with a beautiful picking riff that sounds really awesome. The good news is it is really easy to play this riff. Here is a cool video lesson of this song by for3v3rfaithful that you can refer if you want to learn this song in detail.

  1. Chords – C-C/B-Am-G-F-Fm-Em-D-F#maj-Bm-A
  2. Strumming – Lesson
  3. Key – C
  4. Lesson


I hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing this for you. Before you begin learning these song, remember to learn one song at a time. Always play in a slower tempo in the beginning until you feel comfortable playing at the original speed. Make sure to practice chord switching to play songs with ease. If you don’t like capo then you can play it without it using the same chords mentioned above.