Who is Replacing Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins?

As the Foo Fighters prepare to move forward without Hawkins, the question on everyone’s mind is who will take his place as the band’s drummer. With several talented musicians rumored to be in consideration, fans are eagerly awaiting news of the official replacement and what the future holds for the Foo Fighters.

Reason for Replacement

Hawkins was a beloved member of the band, and his sudden and tragic death due to “cardiovascular collapse,” is the reason for his replacement.

The band has expressed their deep sorrow for the loss of Hawkins and has made the difficult decision to move forward with a new drummer in order to continue creating the music that their fans love.

And while it will never be the same without him, they are committed to honoring his legacy by finding a talented and deserving replacement to carry on his legacy in the band.

Potential Replacements

The Foo Fighters have not yet announced a permanent replacement for Taylor Hawkins, but several drummers have been mentioned as potential candidates. Here are some of the most likely contenders:

Rufus Tiger Taylor

The son of Queen drummer Roger Taylor, Rufus Tiger Taylor has all the credentials to be a great drummer for the Foo Fighters. He has already been part of several rock bands like The Darkness and Wild Beasts and is known for his creative style of drumming. He is also familiar with performing in front of large crowds, making him an ideal choice for the job.

Josh Freese

Another potential replacement for Hawkins is Josh Freese, a renowned drummer who has worked with top artists like Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle. He is known for his technical skill and versatility, which would make him a valuable addition to the Foo Fighters. He has also been a session drummer for the band in the past, making him a familiar face.

Dave Grohl

While it may seem unlikely, Dave Grohl has played drums for the Foo Fighters in the past and is a talented multi-instrumentalist. He would be able to seamlessly transition into the role of drummer while continuing to lead the band as frontman.

Shane Hawkins

Taylor Hawkins’s son, Shane has already filled in for his brother on occasion and has a similar style. He would be a sentimental choice for the band and would keep the Hawkins legacy alive.

Nandi Bushell

While only 11 years old, Nandi Bushell has already gained a massive following for her impressive drumming skills. She has even caught the attention of the Foo Fighters themselves, with Dave Grohl challenging her to a drum battle. While she may be young, her talent and potential make her a wildcard choice for the band.

Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron and Angels and Airwaves’ Atom Willard

Some sources suggest that Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron and Angels and Airwaves’ Atom Willard are in line for the position. Both of them are highly experienced and well-known drummers who would bring plenty of talent to the table.


As of March 2023, the Foo Fighters have not yet announced a permanent replacement for Taylor Hawkins. However, there have been several rumors and speculations about who might take his place.

Regardless of who ultimately takes over, it’s clear that the Foo Fighters will continue to rock on. The band has been through many changes over the years, but they have always managed to keep their sound fresh and exciting.

So while fans may be sad to see Hawkins go, they can rest assured that the Foo Fighters will continue to deliver the same high-energy performances that they have become known for. Whether it’s with a new drummer or not, the band’s legacy is secure, and their music will continue to inspire generations of rock fans for years to come.