8 Best Funny Songs About Dads

Ah, dads – if only we could keep them around forever! As an ever-present source of love and support in our lives, it’s often so easy to take this fatherly unconditional affection for granted.

But why not give Pops a chance to show how much of a cool dad he really is by laughing along with him and enjoying some of the best funny songs about dads?

Here I present you with 8 of the most hilarious songs about dads that will have you and your father doubled over in laughter.

1. I’m A Dad That’s What I Do by Brittlestar

Family, you know I don’t want much
I even love handmade crafts made of macaroni
Come on now, you should know me
all I need is tasty craft beer please
Sometimes I might to eat too much
Not worried ‘bout my weight, got that Dad Bod rockin’ on me
Skechers on my feet
Cargo shorts look good on me

2. The Father’s Day Song by Songdrops

Remember no one's perfect; every kid has faults.
Remember it's the thought that counts more than the results.
My heart was in the right place even though I did it wrong.
It was all to say,
On Father's Day,
My love for you is strong.

3. Dad Life by Church On The Move

Ha Ha
This is dad life
it's how we live 24/7
check me
gas station glasses
don't care what the masses
thing about me with my sweet goatee
im rockin my dockers with a cuff and a crease

4. Daddy Says No by Haschak Sisters

Wait, why are we out here again?
Because, Mom said while she's away
We have to spend quality time with Dad

5. A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash

Well, my daddy left home when I was three
And he didn't leave much to ma and me
Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze
Now, I don't blame him 'cause he run and hid
But the meanest thing that he ever did
Was before he left, he went and named me "Sue"

6. My Dad by Bryant Oden

I know no dad is perfect
But he's pretty darn close
A lot of the time
He let's me pop the popcorn
When we watch the vid
I'm glad he's my dad
And I'm glad I'm his kid

7. Daddy’s Money by Ricochet

She's got her daddy's money, her mama's good looks
More laughs than a stack of comic books
A wild imagination, a college education
Add it all up it's a deadly combination
She's a good bass fisher, a dynamite kisser
Country as a turnip green
She's got her daddy's money, her mama's good looks
And look who's lookin' at me

8. My Dad (is hairy but bald)

My Dad, has hair on his arms, but not as much hair as the hair on his palms
My Dad, has hair on his knees, with a little flea circus and a flying trapeze
My Dad, is coated in hair, when we go to the Zoo the apes stop and stare
My Dad, had hair back in school, one strand on his chin and he thought it was cool

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it – 8 of the funniest songs about dads! Whether it’s Father’s Day, a special birthday, or just any day that you want to show your appreciation for the special pops in your life, these funny songs about dads will make them smile and laugh out loud! Give Dad a break from being the serious one in the family, and surprise him with one of these hilarious dad tunes!