17 Best Rap Songs About Money of All Time


The person that said that money makes the world go round wasn’t wrong. Unless you have chosen to “live free” in the forest and depend on nature for survival, you need money to do almost anything.

In an interesting showcase of art imitating life, many great songs talk about money, the longing for it, and the unending search for it.

More than any other genre, rap features the most songs about money. Here are some of the best rap songs about money:

1. I’m So paid by Akon

Akon is both a singer, songwriter and producer. In this song, Senegalese-born Akon not only celebrates his financial success but also shows it off.

The song had an astonishing budget of over $1 million. Despite criticisms of his exuberance during an economic recession, the song earned a platinum certification for selling over a million copies.

2. Dead Presidents by Jay-Z

Jay-Z is known for winning both in music and in business. He has crowned the first Hip-Hop Billionaire in 2019.

Dropped in 1996, the song cleverly talks about the hustle of getting money by referring to how dead Presidents’ faces mark all money.

3. She Got Her Own by Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo propelled into fame as one of the key R&B voices in the 2000s. From his third album, Year of the Gentleman, She Got Her Own is a song about a woman who gets her own money and doesn’t need to depend on anyone else for financial stability.

4. Money by Cardi B

In 2018, and a good time after that, Money by Cardi B was considered the “baddie” anthem.

Having had a tough start as a stripper and then a reality TV star, Cardi uses her song Money to talk about all the financial success that has come with her career advancement.

5. I Get Money by 50 Cent

You can’t talk about songs about money without mentioning 50 Cent, the man who borrowed his name from a robber and changed how mixtapes are used in hip-hop.

The song talks about all the things 50 Cent had to do to get money, including selling water.

6. Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems by Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G. was famously known as the “rapper’s rapper” because of his suave lyricism. He was vulnerable in his songs, not afraid to talk about anything.

In Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems, he candidly spoke about all the unexpected challenges that fame and wealth bring. But more importantly, he showed that money doesn’t buy happiness.

7. Cash Money By Tyga

Tyga is an American-born rapper. He advanced his musical journey by releasing many mixtapes and became famous through his second debut album, “Careless World: Rise of the Last King.” Cash Money talks about his struggles of not being paid and how he still lives a fast life despite that.

8. Hustlin’ By Rick Ross

When he dropped this song, Rick Ross created the ultimate hip-hop fan’s chant, “Every day I’m hustling.” Rick Ross is known for founding one of the most successful Hip-Hop labels, Maybach Music Group. Hustlin’ portrays Rick Ross’s efforts to evade the streets and make legitimate money.

9. Dreams Money Can Buy by Drake

More popularly known as Champagne Papi, Drake is a Canadian rapper. He started at Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment and developed a signature mix of hip-hop and R&B.

Dreams Money Can Buy highlights the dual nature of money; it can get you happiness and sorrow in equal measure.

10. Price Tag by Jessie J

Jessie J is an English singer and rapper whose sound has been described as a mix of Motown, pop, and hip-hop.

She wrote Price Tag after her label went broke, thus rendering her incapable of making more music. Price Tag is also well known for being in the season finale of the movie Pitch Perfect.

11. Money on My Mind by Lil Wayne

You can either love two-time Grammy Award winner Lil Wayne or dislike him for his shady controversies. Whichever the case, he remains a hip-hop legend.

Lil Wayne’s Money on My Mind is a song about thinking about how after hardship, all you think about is making money.

12. Gold Digger by Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx

Kanye West receives a lot of praise because his unique style changed many artists’ approach to rap and hip-hop. He collaborated with Foxx, an actor, and a singer, to create a song about a woman who only cares about their money.

13. Hustle Hard by Ace Hood

Ace Hood started his career after being signed to DJ Khaled’s recording label.

Unlike most other songs that focus on the flashy life, Ace Hood’s focus in Hustle Hard is on getting his mother a house and feeding the mouths that depend on him despite the harsh economic times.

14. 600 Benz by Wale ft Rick Ross and Jadakiss

Wale, an American rapper of Nigerian descent, partnered with Miami’s Rick Ross and New York’s Jadakiss to show off all their hard-earned achievements. The song is about flashing their many different cars, condos, and custom jewelry.

15. Get Money by Lil Baby

With seven BET awards and three Grammy nominations, Lil Baby is considered one of the most listened-to rappers of the last two years.

Get Money is from his album My Turn. In it, he calls out people who want credit for the work he’s put in. He also talks about how he doesn’t shy away from using the money that he works all day to get.

16. Make Some Money by Snoop Dog, Fabolous, and Dave East

Snoop Dog is a legend in hip-hop who has remained relevant for the last two decades. Make some money is from his recent project, Algorithm, where he partners with Brooklyn’s Fabolous and Kairi Chanel’s Dave East.

The song is about making all the money you can, but most importantly, watching out for the anxiety that money brings.

17. Money Bag by Cardi B

Making a second appearance in some of the best rap songs about money shows Cardi’s prowess as an artist. Money Bag is not about what money can buy you, but how it can make you look.

Cardi B tells of how money makes her and the people around her look more elevated in status. She also takes a hit at all her haters, saying as they hate, she is getting her money.

Wrapping Up

Listening to this compilation is quite the rollercoaster. It clearly shows how money has two sides; it brings all the sweet things in life, but it also has drawbacks that we often overlook.

But what we can all take away is the need to get our hustle on and make that money. We hope that this article has inspired you to do just that. Thanks for reading.