10 Best Songs about Friendship Ending

It’s not easy to lose a friend. Whether it’s a mutual decision or something that just happens, it can be tough to see someone you once considered close walk out of your life.

But sometimes, it’s for the best. And when it is, there are often songs to help you through it.

From the bitter anger of being ghosted to the poignant sadness of watching a friendship dissolve, here are some tracks that I am certain will help you process your own complicated emotions.

1. I Lost A Friend by FINNEAS

Finneas has a way of perfectly conveying emotions through his music, and “I Lost A Friend” is a prime example of that talent. Aside from the song’s catchy melody, the lyrics are incredibly relatable, as they capture the pain of losing someone close to you.

However, upon closer examination of the lyrics, it becomes clear that the song has a deeper meaning, addressing the idea of losing oneself in the process.

The chorus, with its lyrics “How the hell did I lose a friend I never had?”, only adds to the complex and conflicting emotions present in the song.

Overall, the track is open for interpretation but the message is clear: losing someone, whether a friend or a part of oneself, is a deeply painful experience.

2. Feelings Fade by Gnash

Deep down we know nothing lasts forever, but it’s still hard to accept when somebody you care about starts to drift away.

This song is all about those complicated, confusing emotions that come with seeing somebody you loved and thought was a real friend change right in front of you.

Wrapped up in low-fi beats and echoey melodies, “Feelings Fade” will resonate with you if you are feeling down or just trying to make sense of it all.

3. Everybody’s Changing by Keane

This indie classic is the perfect song for when you are struggling to keep up with change, whether it’s in your personal life or in the world around you. We all change as we grow up, and sometimes that means growing apart from people we used to be close to.

“Everybody’s Changing” reminds us that it is all part of the journey of finding ourselves and creating new friendships. Even though it may be painful to let go of the past, it is essential to embrace growth and change in order to move forward.

4. Why We Ever by Hayley Williams

From her debut studio album, Petals for Armor, “Why We Ever” is a raw and honest track about the end of a friendship. The lyrics talks about, how some goodbyes can leave you feeling lost and confused.

How somebody who was once such an important part of your life can disappear without any explanation? It’s a feeling we’ve all experienced at some point.

But it also has a message of hope and resilience, as Hayley said, she wrote this song at the lowest point in her life and credited this period of creativity for saving her and to love better.

5. People You Know by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of those artists who is known for writing relatable and catchy pop songs, and “People You Know” is no exception.

This reflective track delves into the universal theme of betrayal and the realization that some people are simply not worth our time and energy.

And with its thought-provoking lyrics, it serves as a perfect anthem for anyone who is ready to move on from someone who has let them down.

6. dear ex best friend by Tate Mcrae

One more song to add to your friend breakup playlist is “dear ex best friend” by Tate McRae.

This song reflects on the heartache of losing contact and drifting apart from a close friend.

Throughout the song, McRae conveys a sense of regret and longing, as she wonders if her former friend ever thinks of her.

She sings lines such as ‘we really messed up this time’ and ‘wonder if my name has ever crossed your mind’, effectively capturing the emotional turmoil of losing a treasured friendship. The song serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of relationships and the importance of cherishing the ones we hold dear.”

7. it’s time to go by Taylor Swift

“Time to Go” by Taylor Swift reflects on different moments in life when it may be necessary to leave a situation or relationship that is no longer fulfilling or healthy.

The song speaks to the pain and difficult emotions that can come with making this decision but ultimately suggest that sometimes walking away or giving up is the brave and strong thing to do in order to find the right thing or path for oneself.

8. I’ll Always Remember You by Hannah Montana

This song reflects on the narrator’s memories of a past relationship or friendship and the emotions associated with saying goodbye.

The narrator acknowledges that the end of a relationship or friendship is often difficult but also expresses gratitude for the time they shared and the memories they made together.

The song encourages listeners to move forward and embrace the future, while also holding on to the memories of the past.

It also teaches us the importance of cherishing our relationships and the memories we make with others, while also recognizing that change is a natural part of life and we must be able to let go and move on.

9. Where Did You Go? by Ashley Parker Angel

This beautiful song will resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one and struggled with the feeling of having missed their chance to express their love and appreciation for that person.

It speaks to the universal human experience of grief and the longing for the chance to go back and change the past.

The use of repetition in the chorus emphasizes the singer’s longing and the sense of disbelief at the loss. The outro’s repetition of the phrase “it’s a shame” serves to drive home the sense of regret and sadness at the missed opportunity.

10. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye

Last but not the least, we have Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” This emotionally charged song mentions the challenges of moving on from a past relationship and the pain of feeling disconnected from someone who was once a significant part of your life.

The lyrics convey the emotions of one person who is still struggling to let go, while the other seems to have easily moved on and is no longer invested in their former partner’s feelings.

The line “But you treat me like a stranger, and that feels so rough” and “But I’ll admit that I was glad it was over” highlight this divide.

The chorus is repeated at the end, emphasizing the idea that the ex-partner is now just “somebody that [they] used to know.”

Wrapping Up

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a friendship, especially when it’s one that has been a constant source of support and joy. But in order to move forward, it’s important to honor the memories shared and cherish our relationships.

These 10 songs each offer different perspectives on how to cope with the loss of a friendship, from feeling deep sadness and regret to making peace with the situation and embracing the future.

So, next time you find yourself in a difficult position of saying goodbye to an old friend, take some time to reflect and listen to these songs. They may just help you feel a little less alone.