The 12 Best Songs about Ghosting and Being Ghosted

Ghosting is a painful experience. It’s like running full steam ahead into a wall of bricks. You thought everything was going great, but one day they just disappeared without warning and left you with an avalanche of questions and disappointment.

If you feel like there’s no way to pick up the pieces after being ghosted, don’t worry, music has healing powers. Here are 12 songs that will help soothe your broken heart and remind you that life goes on after such a tough blow. 

1. Always Remember Us This Way By Lady Gaga 

Let’s start this list with a powerful anthem from Lady Gaga. Taken from the 2018 movie “A Star is Born,” this song will have you reflecting on a relationship that was cut way too short.

However, it will remind you of all the good times you had and will encourage you to move on faster. To some, it could be a song about being ghosted but for us, it’s just Lady Gaga’s way of telling all of us that with time and patience, new beginnings are always possible.

2. Hello by Adele

Songs about being Ghosted are some of the strongest anthems in recent years and Adele’s ‘Hello’ surely fits into this list.

The popular pop powerhouse uses the chorus to express her efforts at trying to apologize and make peace with her former partner, but he never picks up.

Despite her desperation of trying to reach out, Adele recognizes that maybe he is over her, as the chorus goes “I must have called a thousand times, to tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done”.

The song is a great reminder that sometimes, no matter how much effort you put in, nothing will come from it.

3. ​How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore by Prince 

A bit of 80s cheese here but an absolute classic, Prince’s “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?” is an absolute must for anyone looking for songs about being ghosted.

With its emotional gospel sound and personal lyrics, the song expresses all the pain, loss, and confusion one feels when a former love does not return their calls or answer their pleas. 

And while the lyrics can sound heartbreaking, the chorus has a universal message – we all want to be loved and accepted.

4. Somebody Else By The 1975

Somebody Else by 1975 is a song many of us can relate to when it comes to romantic relationships, particularly being abruptly ghosted.

Written from the perspective of someone looking back after being ghosted, it acknowledges the realization that your romantic partner has moved on and found somebody else. 

Throughout the haunting lyrics, the narrator reflects back on how once-warm feelings turned cold and how the soul of their beloved is now intertwined with another person.

The chorus is especially poignant as it embodies so much raw emotion in its key phrase “I don’t want your body but I hate to think about you with somebody else.”

5. Slow Dancing In The Dark By Joji 

Slow Dancing in The Dark by Joji is another relatable and emotionally charged song exploring the inevitability of a love that has gone unrequited.

The song provides an articulate portrait of being ghosted, as Joji contemplates the lingering presence of someone he loved deeply, but who no longer remembers his affections.

Joji expresses a deep longing to just share one more night with his beloved, yet it is painfully obvious to him that her feelings have changed and that he cannot compete with the person she has now chosen.

Resigned to his position as an outsider in this doomed love affair, he begs that he be left to move on in peace. No longer interested to participate in the slow dance in the dark.

6. Games By Demi Lovato

Games by Demi covers a relationship gone wrong with a lyrically strong narrative centered around the notion of enough is enough. Essentially letting go of bad relationships that bring us down and no longer wish to focus on the person who lets their games consume them.

This song comes at a perfect time for those dealing with such issues, providing the assurance that we are worth more than being treated as such. And we deserve better than constantly being on the receiving end of dishonesty.

7. Never Again By Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s 2007 song Never Again tells the story of a love that has already been lost and taken by someone else and gives a warning to the lost love and their new lover that it will never be like it was again. 

With lyrics that tell of pain, tears, and memories of what once was, Never Again speaks directly to our raw emotions, expressing the desire that we have all had: that our sadness and heartache never be repeated.

This song serves as an anthem for many of us who have had our hearts broken, and offers a bit of comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

8. Make Me Cry by Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth

A breakup can be incredibly difficult, so sometimes it’s cathartic to get all the feels out by listening to a powerful breakup song. And nothing does that better than Make Me Cry by Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth.

If you’re feeling emotionally raw from a recent breakup or ghosting, then this is one of those songs that will definitely make for an emotional experience. 

9. Ghosts by Katy Perry

In the song Ghosts by Katy Perry, she talks about the sudden ending of a special connection. Originally, the relationship between Katy and this other person had seemed so strong, but it ended abruptly when that other person changed their mind and disappeared without a trace. 

Now that the dust has settled and some time has gone by, Katy has been able to take a step back and get some perspective: the other person was never as invested as she thought, and their connection wasn’t quite so real after all.

As a result of this realization, the other person and the relationship has become like a ghost – just a faint memory of what once was. But rather than remaining stuck in heartache or resentment, Katy is now able to move on with her life knowing that things are not always as they appear. 

Listening to this song will definitely make you understand why people call it being ‘ghosted’. 

10. The Night We Met By Lord Huron 

This emotional yet haunting track will lead you down memory lane to where your relationships went wrong and how love can change over time. In it the narrator looks back regretfully on that single night when they first met, wishing he could go back in time and prevent it from ever happening.

This song is a reminder of how love can be unpredictable and fragile – no matter how badly we want something to work out, it simply may not. But a beautiful thing about life is that we learn from our experiences, and this song serves to remind us of the strength we gain from difficult situations.

11. Fearless by MALINDA

MALINDA’s single “Fearless” is an empowering heartache anthem about facing and overcoming the paralyzing fear of yet another failed relationship.

Drenched in a little bit of hot-headed innocence, MALINDA sings boldly of the courage it takes to stand up for herself and move forward after being wronged. With its motivational lyrics, this heartfelt track is sure to stir up some healing vibes, no matter the situation.  

12. Someone you loved by Madilyn Bailey

In this song, Madilyn describes how the person that once served as comfort and support in times of difficulty, providing healing from her pain and stress, suddenly is gone. An experience that we all can relate to in some form or another.

This song can come as a great comfort to anyone who has been ghosted and is struggling to accept that the person they loved no longer loves them back.

But it is important to remember that it is not our fault and that life can be unpredictable.

Wrapping Up

We all have at some point experienced being ghosted and sometimes it can be hard to accept this situation. Some go silent, while others go searching for answers. But as the saying goes, “time heals all wounds” and these 12 best songs about being ghosted will definitely help you in healing the wounds of unrequited love.