8 Best Songs about Toxic Friendship

Toxic friendships can be difficult to recognize and even harder to walk away from. They can drain our energy, consume our thoughts, and leave us feeling isolated and alone.

But despite the pain and heartache, they may bring, toxic friendships can also be a source of growth and self-discovery.

As we navigate the ups and downs of life, music can provide a comforting companion, offering solace, inspiration, and a way to express our emotions.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best songs about toxic friendship. These powerful anthems explore the complexities of toxic relationships, offering insight, strength, and hope for a brighter future.

1. Toxic by BoyWithUke

The first on our list is a classic breakup song, which explores the subtle signs of toxicity that can erode even our closest relationships. The lyrics describe a person who feels that all of their friends are toxic and negative, and as a result, they feel overwhelmed and like they’re drowning.

The person feels that they are better off on their own, even though they may feel lonely without someone else.

They also describe a difficult situation in which they feel that someone has lied to them and taken their pride away, but they still have their light and will find another way out.

Overall, it’s an anthem for anyone who has ever been in a toxic relationship and wants to break free.

2. it’s time to go by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a special ability to capture our emotions in her lyrics and this song is no exception. In this song, Taylor speaks of how she knows that a toxic friendship needs to end and encourages listeners to follow that inner knowledge and leave a situation that is not serving them.

The lyrics explore the complexities of a relationship that was once full of love and memories but has become strained and toxic. But the narrator knows that there comes a point when enough is enough, and it’s time to let go.

The outro of the song is a powerful reminder that we don’t need anyone who brings us down and that the best thing to do in any situation is to take care of ourselves first.

3. Lunchbox Friends by Melanie Martinez

Released in 2019, Lunchbox Friends by Melanie Martinez speaks to the importance of authentic relationships rather than the fleeting, superficial ones often found in high school and other social settings.

The song begins with Melanie being approached by someone who wants to be friends, but only until the end of lunchtime.

She is uninterested in this kind of superficial friendship and instead wants someone who understands and accepts them.

In the second verse, Melanie expands on their rejection of this superficial lifestyle, stating that she doesn’t want to be judged or pressured to conform to societal expectations. She wants a friendship that is based on mutual understanding and acceptance, rather than superficialities.

Overall, it’s a powerful reminder that we should seek out relationships that bring us joy and understanding, rather than those which only serve to keep up appearances.

4. Fool by Cavetown

As the soothing melodies of Cavetown’s “Fool” wash over you, the lyrics paint a picture of a young man struggling to come to terms with a toxic relationship.

Despite the alluring sounds of youthful love, the words tell a heart-wrenching tale of unrequited love and emotional pain.

But as the song reaches its conclusion, there is a glimmer of hope. Our protagonist begins to accept the toxic nature of the relationship and realizes the harm it has caused him. Through the stages of grief – depression, acceptance – he finds the strength to move on and heal. A perfect tune for anyone coming to terms with the end of a toxic friendship.

5. Toxic Friend by Watch Clark

Although a not-so-popular song, Toxic Friend by Watch Clark deserves recognition for its honest and unflinching exploration of the subject matter.

The song describes a toxic friendship in which the speaker is consistently manipulated and emotionally hurt by their friend.

The friend tells stories and keeps secrets, possibly for their own entertainment, and the speaker is always hanging on their every word. Despite the negativity and harm inflicted on the speaker, they continue to let their friend “poison” them and are willing to endure the pain.

Ultimately, the toxic behavior takes a toll on the speaker’s sense of self, causing them to feel as though everything that once made them who they were is now dead.

6. F.F.F by Bebe Rexha ft G-Eazy

In “F.F.F” by Bebe Rexha featuring G-Eazy, the artists explore the theme of toxic relationships and the importance of standing up for oneself.

They sing about the challenges of finding authentic friendships in L.A., with Bebe Rexha expressing her frustration with the lack of realness in the city.

G-Eazy adds to this theme by rapping about the stresses of success and the abundance of “imposters” in Hollywood.

Both artists agree that fake friends are not worth the time or energy and that it’s better to focus on oneself and one’s own goals.

The chorus, which repeats the phrase “fuck fake friends,” serves as a powerful declaration of independence from superficial relationships. Overall, the song is a message about the value of authenticity and the need to end toxic relationships once and for all.

7. Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

Another entry from Melanie Martinez, Pity Party tackles a slightly different aspect of toxic relationships.

The lyrics express the frustration of the narrator (Melanie) who is feeling sad and alone at their own party because none of their friends have shown up.

She wonders why her invitations have disappeared and why no one is there to celebrate with her. She expresses her feelings of sadness and frustration, saying she will cry and make her pity party go up in flames.

The chorus repeats the theme of the song, with the Melanie saying that she will cry and make her party a disaster because she is feeling upset.

The underlying message of the song is to pay attention to the company we keep and to surround ourselves with supportive and caring individuals.

8. Find Out Who Your Friends Are by Tracy Lawrence

Though not really about a toxic friendship, Tracy Lawrence’s “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” is still an important reminder of the true nature of friendship and how it is tested in difficult situations.

The lyrics describe various scenarios where someone may find themselves in need of help, such as getting stuck in a ditch on the side of the road or losing everything they own.

The chorus repeats the line “You find out who your friends are,” emphasizing the idea that it is during these challenging times that we truly see the loyalty and support of the people we consider our friends.

The song also suggests that true friends are the ones who will drop everything to come to our aid, without hesitation or concern for their own interests.

Summing Up

Toxic friendships can be difficult to recognize and even harder to walk away from.

These eight songs capture the pain, hurt, and betrayal that can come with toxic friendships, but they also offer hope and encouragement to those who are ready to break free and find healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

These songs also remind us that we are not alone in our struggles and that we have the strength to overcome even the most heart-wrenching challenges.

So if you’re struggling with a toxic friendship, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone and that there is a way forward to a brighter, healthier future.