100+ Best Songs For Kids – From Classic to Morden Tunes


No matter what your child’s age, finding appropriate and enjoyable music can be a challenge.

It seems like every other kids’ song on the internet these days is either insanely noisy or just downright irritating.

But don’t worry – we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of 100 of the best kids’ songs that are actually good.

From classic sing-alongs to more modern tunes, your little ones are sure to love these songs!

Best Songs for Kids

It’s no secret that kids love songs that are simple and repetitive. They like to be able to follow along with the lyrics and sing along.

Songs that are fast-paced and have a lot of energy are also popular with kids. Kids also love songs with funny or silly lyrics. Anything that is new and different is sure to catch their attention. That said here are some of the best songs that are sure to keep your little one entertained and happy!

Christmas Songs for Kids

Christmas songs are some of the most popular songs of the year. Many adults love them, but why do kids love Christmas songs so much?

There are a few reasons. For one, Christmas is a fun and happy time, and Christmas songs reflect that. They often have cheerful melodies and happy lyrics that make kids feel good.

Another reason is that Christmas is a family holiday. Kids love spending time with their families and singing Christmas songs together is a fun way to do that.

Finally, many of these songs are about giving and helping others. Kids love doing good deeds and these songs inspire them to do so.

  1. Jingle Bells
  2. Red Nosed Reindeer
  3. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  4. Little Snowflake
  5. Let it Snow
  6. Joy To The World
  7. Little Drummer Boy
  8. Silent Night
  9. The Santa Claus Song
  10. Up On The Housetop

Disney Songs for Kids

Disney songs are often catchy and have interesting messages.

Some people might think that Disney songs are just for kids, but they can also be enjoyed by adults. Many of the messages in Disney songs can teach kids valuable life lessons.

One song, “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen, is about a young girl who is struggling to control her powers. She eventually learns that she needs to let go of her fears and embrace her powers.

This song teaches kids that it’s okay to be different and that they should embrace their unique qualities.

  1. What Else Can I Do? by Diane Guerrero and Stephanie Beatriz
  2. Let it Go from Frozen
  3. Shiny from Moana
  4. Prince Ali from Alladin
  5. Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid
  6. Belle from Beauty and teh Beast
  7. In Summer from Frozen
  8. You and Me from Descendants 2
  9. Go The Distance from Hercules
  10. Friend Like Me from Alladin

Halloween Songs for Kids

When it comes to Halloween songs, kids are drawn to it because they are often spooky and exciting. These types of songs can create a sense of mystery and anticipation that kids find fun and exciting.

Halloween songs are also a great way for kids to learn about holidays, traditions, and other cultural aspects.

By singing Halloween songs, kids can learn about the history and meaning behind this holiday.

  1. Halloween Tree
  2. Halloween Song form Gaby and Alex
  3. Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?
  4. Five Little Ghosts 
  5. The Skeleton Dance 
  6. Five Little Monsters Jumping On The Bed
  7. Baby Shark Halloween
  8. It’s Halloween Night
  9. Down By The Spooky Bay
  10. Halloween Stomp

Good Morning Songs for Kids

Mornings can be hard for kids, but a good morning song can help get them going. Singing a song in the morning helps to wake up the body and mind, and sets the tone for the day.

A good morning song should be simple and upbeat, with a catchy tune that kids will enjoy singing along to.

It’s important that the lyrics are positive and encouraging, reminding kids that it’s a new day and anything is possible.

Here are a few examples of good morning songs for kids:

  1. “Have a Good Morning, Have a Good Day”
  2. Great Way to Start the Day
  3. A Beautiful Day 
  4. Have A Great Day
  5. Good Morning by Mendisa
  6. Spread a Little Sunshine
  7. Good Morning Song
  8. Good Morning Mr. Rooster
  9. Good Morning Song from The Learning Station
  10. Brand New Day

Alphabet (ABC) Songs for Kids

Songs are a fun and engaging way for kids to learn things, and they can help kids remember information more easily. The ABC song is a great example of this.

The ABC song is one of the most well-known and popular children’s songs in the world. It teaches kids the alphabets in a fun and memorable way.

The ABC song also has educational benefits. It helps kids learn the alphabets, as well as how to spell words. The song also teaches kids important life skills, such as counting and basic math skills.

  1. ABC Song with ChuChu Toy Train
  2. Phonics Song with TWO Words
  3. ABC Song
  4. The ABC Song
  5. Alphabet Boogie Song
  6. ABCD Song
  7. The Alphabet Is So Much Fun
  8. Pop The Bubbles (Number Song)
  9. Traditional ABC Song
  10. Alphabet Song

Clean Up Songs for Kids

There’s a reason why parents and teachers have been using the same clean-up songs for kids for decades: they work.

Even the toughest toddler or pre-schooler can be convinced to clean up with the right song. But getting them to actually clean up isn’t easy.

Here are a few tips to make the process a little easier:

  • Make sure you have enough cleaning supplies on hand. This way, you won’t have to stop the song in order to run to another room to grab a broom.
  • Stand close by while they’re cleaning up. This will ensure that they stay on task.
  • Start with an easy song, like “The Clean Up Song.” Then move on to more difficult songs listed below.
  1. Clean Up Song from ELF Kids
  2. Tidy Up Song from The Singing Walrus
  3. Clean Up Song from Cocomelon
  4. Clean Up song from Saddleback Kids
  5. Clean Up Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Tidying Up
  7. Its Time To Clean Up
  8. Its Clean Up Time
  9. Clean my Room Song
  10. Time To Clean Up

Kids Dancing Songs

There is something innately joyous about dancing that seems to appeal to kids of all ages. From traditional nursery rhymes like “The Wheels on the Bus” to more modern pop songs like “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen, there’s a wealth of music designed to get even the most reluctant youngster up and moving.

One reason that kids love to dance is that it’s a way for them to express themselves freely and without inhibition. Dancing can also be a social activity, providing an opportunity for kids to interact with their friends and classmates.

In addition to being fun, dancing is also great exercise. It can help improve balance and coordination, as well as strength and flexibility. So next time you need a way to get your little one moving, put on some dance music mentioned below.

  1. Kaboochi
  2. Galti Se Mistake
  3. Five Little Monkeys and more
  4. Hokey Pokey by The Wiggles
  5. Dance Party!
  6. Jump, Run and Shout!
  7. Deep Deep Deep
  8. Shake Your Sillies Out
  9. Samba Nana 
  10. Conga Line

Movement Songs for Kids

Movement songs are a great way to get kids up and moving just like the dance songs do.

They’re often fun and silly, which can keep kids engaged and motivated. Additionally, movement songs can help improve coordination and balance.

Here are a few movement songs that kids will love:

  1. Shake Your Sillies Out
  2. I Can Move My Body Like Anything
  3. Hop and Stop
  4. Move it to the Sounds
  5. Move!
  6. Brain Break
  7. Jump Up, Bend Down
  8. Go Bananas
  9. Stand Up, Sit Down
  10. Clap Your Hands

Dinosaur Songs for Kids

There are many dinosaur songs for kids that can be found on the internet or in children’s music collections but below we have mentioned some of the best ones.

Dinosaurs may seem like a scary topic, but when introduced through songs, it can teach children about these amazing creatures in a fun and entertaining way.

  1. The Dinosaurs Song
  2. The Dinosaur Song by Miss Patty
  3. Dinosaurs Are Big
  4. You’re A Dinosaur!
  5. Baby T-Rex
  7. Move Like the Dinosaurs
  8. Dinosaur Song! (Educational)
  9. Do the Dino Stomp!
  10. The Dinosaur Song by Blippi 

Funny Songs for Kids

It’s well-known that kids love songs. But what’s less well-known is that kids love funny songs even more than regular songs. Why is this the case?

For one thing, kids are drawn to funny songs because they’re fun and catchy. They want to sing along and dance along, and they enjoy the humor in the lyrics.

But there’s also another reason why kids love funny songs: they help them learn. Kids are constantly learning new things, and they see learning as a fun process. So when they can learn something through a song that’s also entertaining, that’s a win-win situation for them.

Funny songs help teach kids about different topics, from counting to science concepts. And since most kids are already fascinated by jokes and humor, incorporating those elements into educational songs is a great way to get them interested in learning.

  1. Spock-a Doodle, Chicken Noodle
  2. Five Little Penguins
  3. Laughing Song
  4. Baboon Song
  5. My Name Is 
  6. I am a little Penguin
  7. Kaboochi 
  9. Baby Shark Funny
  10. Shake, shake your body!

Worship Songs for Kids

Singing worship songs together is a great way to connect with your child and teach them about God.

These songs can help children learn about who God is and what He has done for us. They can also help children develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Besides, worship songs are also a great way to start your day or end it with your family.

  1. Every Move I Make 
  2. This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made! 
  3. Walking with Jesus
  4. Jsus Lovs Me
  5. One Way
  6. We Are Royalty 
  7. Thank You Lord for Making Me
  8. Jesus Loves The Little Children
  9. I’ve Got Peace Like A River
  10. Love One Another

Silly Songs for Kids

There is something special about kids and silly songs.

Maybe it’s the way they can belt out a tune without a care in the world, or the way their faces light up when they hear a song that’s just for them.

Whatever it is, there’s no denying that kids and silly songs go together like peanut butter and jelly.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your kids smile, try singing them a silly song from the list mentioned below. You might be surprised at how much joy these little tunes can bring!

Rap Songs for Kids

Rap can be a great way to introduce kids to music and get them interested in learning more about different styles and artists. And the good news is there are a surprising number of rap songs that are appropriate for kids.

These songs feature lyrics that are clever and fun but without being inappropriate or offensive. Here are a few of our favorite rap songs for kids: