5 Guitar Practice Tips For Busy People

Taking out time to practice guitar when you are busy can be challenging. But you don’t have to be discouraged by it. If there is enough passion and desire to learn then nothing can stop you. So, keeping this in mind, here are my 5 tips that you can implement to practice guitar which perfectly fits in a busy schedule. By following these tips, I can guarantee that you will see some visible progress.

1. Quality over quantity

Remember that, spending 10 minutes doing quality practice is more productive than just clowning around for 1 hour. Here, you need to be smart and take out 15 – 20 minutes a day where you can be all alone and just focus on the instrument. In these 20 minutes, you have to be very much honest in practicing your guitar. Here the most important thing is that you are making an effort to spend time with your instrument. In my earlier days of learning guitar, I used to waste a lot of time just thinking, how I can improve my playing rather than actually practicing.

2. Plan Your Practice

Planning your practice can give you a heads up at what you will be practicing. You can use a calender or a diary to write down a list of things that you want to practice and take out 10 – 15 mins everyday and actually practicing it. For example, you can allote 10 mins for scale drills on monday, 15 minutes for practicing chords on tuesday, 20 mins to playing songs on wedensday and so on. By planning and distributing a portion of time to each, small and attainable goals you can make sure that you covering all the necessary things listed in your diary.

3. Keep Your Guitar In Your Radar

If you have to walk a little to get your guitar then you are far more likely to play it. What I mean to say is keep your guitar near you where you can see it every time. You can even carry it to your workplace so that whenever the inspiration strikes in you make sure that your guitar is under you radar.

4. Sit With Your Guitar

Here, what I mean to say is, even if you don’t like to practice on some days just sit with your guitar and do nothing. This will actually create a emotional connection with the instrument. Maybe you can just strum or pick the strings randomly and you will notice something interesting will come out. I use this every time and it works perfectly with me. Try it.

5. Have Fun With Your Guitar

It is important to practice the exercises but it is also important to have fun with it. You can forgive yourself for skipping the lessons that feel boring and then divert your mind by learning something interesting. A new lick or a new chord progression will do. The main motive of picking up the guitar for practice should be to have fun.

I hope these 5 tips helps you in giving you some inspiration to keep going.