Are Guitarists Good At Guitar Hero? 5 Facts You Should Know

Now that you are wondering whether guitarists are good at guitar hero or not, let me help you in finding that.

Let’s take a look.

Are Guitarists Good At Guitar Hero?

99% of guitarists, in fact, aren’t good at guitar hero. It’s in the rare cases you will find someone being good at both. Being awesome at playing the actual guitar doesn’t make anyone good at its simulator and vice versa. A real guitar has strings which are the most important part of a guitar and that you won’t find in a guitar hero. That is the reason why most guitarists suck at it.

Is Guitar Hero Harder Than Real Guitar?

Compared to a real guitar, guitar hero is much easier because it doesn’t have any strings on it. A player has to only press a few buttons and match the notes that are displayed on the screen to play the song.

While in a real guitar a player has to pick or strum the strings to play or produce any sound out of it and that requires dedicated practice.

Can Guitar Hero Make Me Good At Real Guitar?

Let’s understand first what a guitar hero actually is and how does it work. It is a video game simulator, which is in a guitar shape that has 5 buttons on the fretboard section and a strumming controller on the bridge section. To play it, the player must press the colored buttons and match the notes that are displayed on the screen.

While in a real guitar there are 6 real strings, real frets, and real notes and it requires real emotion and techniques to play it. Yes, the guitar hero can give you the idea of how the real guitar actually works but it can less likely make you good or better at guitar.

Can Guitar Hero Improve My Real Guitar Skills?

It may improve your finger strength, dexterity, and rhythm sense, other than that it is just a video game that gives a feeling of playing a real guitar.

A real guitar has strings which are the most important part of a guitar and you won’t find that in a guitar hero. Apart from that, a real guitar has various techniques like hammer-on and pull-offs, string bending, vibrato, palm muting, slides that you can’t use on a guitar simulator.

There are many more things that you can’t do in guitar hero and this is the reason why it won’t help you in building your musical ability.

Playing Guitar Hero Compared To Playing The Real Guitar

There is a huge difference when both are compared because a guitar hero has just 5 buttons and a strumming controller which makes it very easy for the player to get the feel as if he/she is playing a real guitar.

In the case of a real guitar, the player has to deal with many things like chords, scales, notes, tuning the guitar, and various techniques like vibrato, string bending, slides, palm muting, etc.

Apart from that, a real guitar takes quite a handful amount ( months ) of time and practice to learn the basics and be able to start playing the chords and songs while in guitar hero one can easily learn to play it after 4 to 5 sessions.

Why do people play guitar hero when they can spend that time to learn the real guitar

Well, it is just a matter of personal choice. But one of the biggest reasons why most people choose guitar hero over the real guitar is that it allows players to play guitar songs virtually without even learning the chords, strumming, scales, and various guitar techniques.

Due to it’s less complexity and less time taking to learn, most people go for guitar hero rather than spending that time learning the actual guitar.