50+ Easy & Fun Ukulele Christmas Songs For Beginners – Lessons and Chords

It’s that time of year again, and whether you’re looking for the perfect song for your holiday gathering, or you want to play some Christmas music on the ukulele with your family, here are 50 of the best ukulele Christmas songs that are fun to play and sing along.

To give a variety to this list I have included popular ukulele Christmas songs, fingerstyle songs, kids Christmas songs, and 3 chord songs.

To make your work easier, I have attached each song with its video lesson and tabs that you can refer to without searching for it.

Top 6 Ukulele Christmas Songs

The ukulele is a staple of the holiday season. It’s the perfect instrument for singing the Christmas classics but with so many Christmas songs out there, it’s hard to know which ones you should play first. But fret not! Here are 6 of the best ukulele Christmas songs that we think you should learn first.

All I Want for Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey)

Probably one of the catchiest Christmas songs ever written, this is often considered Mariah’s best song. Everything stays simple for this song, the chord progression, strumming pattern, and song structure. If you are into fingerstyle then let me tell you that this song sound great when fingerpicked.

  • Key – G
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – G, Em, C, D

Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town (Bruce Springsteen)

Originally written by J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie in the 60s, this song has since been covered by dozens of artists. Bruce Springsteen is especially well-known for his version, which is our favorite and fun to play as well. In this song, you will find four chords and a simple strumming pattern in this song that goes as D-DU-UDU. That’s all you need to play this song from start to end.

  • Key – G
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – G, D, C, Em, Am, A7

The Christmas Song (Nat King is Cole)

This jazz standard is one of the most covered songs ever. Nat King Cole’s version is particularly remarkable, as it was his first number one hit on the pop charts. The chord arrangement is great in this song and there are even some cool sounding chords in it as well. This is a must-add to your playing list.

  • Key – C
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – C, Dm, Em, Gm, F

Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley)

This bluesy Christmas classic is one of Elvis’ best-known recordings ever and a cool singalong song aswell. There are probably many different (easier) ways to play this song but to play it as it is like the original recording, which is in the key of E, you will be encountering with some barre chords. If you are not a fan of barre chords, then follow along the lesson mentioned below which is easy.

  • Key – C
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – C, G, G7, Gm, F, D

White Christmas (Bing Crosby)

No list of Christmas songs would be complete without Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. The most successful single in music history is still the best-selling single of all time. To play this one, you need quite a few chords but the good news is there is a lot of room to switch between these chords as the song is slow paced and pretty straight forward.

  • Key – G
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – G, G7, C, Am, Em, D, D7

Winter Wonderland (Dean Martin)

Another great song, written by the songwriting duo Felix Bernard and Richard Bernhard Smith, Winter Wonderland has been recorded by dozens of artists over the years. But, Dean’s version from his Christmas Album is by far the biggest hit and undoubtedly a festive favorite. Besides, this version has a very swingy feel to it with a steady rhythm and simple chord changes. Perfect for beginners.

  • Key – G
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – G, D, Am, B, A

More Christmas Songs

Someday at Christmas Stevie Wonder C,Cmaj7,C7,F,Dm,G,Em
Christmas Time Is Here Bryan Adams C, Am7, F, Em, Dm, G, Cmaj7
The little drummer boy Johnny Cash C, F, G
Merry Christmas everyone Shakin’ Stevens A, D, E, Gbm
Frosty the snowman Bing Crosby Am, Bm, C, D, D7, Em, G
O little town of Bethlehem Bing Crosby F#, D, G, A, B, Em, D7

Top 5 Ukulele Fingerstyle Christmas Songs

Fingerstyle has been around for a long time and is popular for its versatility and ability to provide a range of sounds. In fact, Ukulele is one of those instruments that lends itself well to fingerpicking, or the art of playing by plucking the strings with your fingers.

As a beginner, fingerpicking can be difficult, but there are some fingerstyle songs you can learn right off the bat. Below are 10 ukulele fingerstyle songs that are essential for anyone looking to learn more about fingerpicking as well as those who want to improve their style.

Silent Night

Composed by Franz Xaver Gruber, “Silent Night” is one of the most loved Christmas carols of all time.

As with most of the songs mentioned above, there are many different ways you can play this tune. Some are easy and some are a bit complicated.

If you are new to fingerstyle, then I would recommend learning the easy version which includes single strums and picking. But if you are a little experienced then you can go for the full fingerstyle version which is a bit complicated but fun to play.

  • Key – C
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – C, F, G, G7

Jingle Bells

Everyone knows Jingle Bells, and it’s one of the easiest fingerstyle songs on this list to play. There are a million different versions of this song but the great thing is they all follow the same chord progression. Just the opposite of ‘Silent Night’ this is one of those songs that sounds difficult but is actually quite simple to fingerpick.

  • Key – G
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – G, D, C

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Almost as well-known as White Christmas, this song constantly tops the charts every holiday season. The original music is a bit hard to play, so we’ve simplified it to sound just like the recording by Judy Garland and Bing Crosby.

  • Key – G
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – G,Em,Am,D7,B7,E7,A7,C,Bm,Gmaj7,D

Oh Holy Night

Oh, Holy Night is another Christmas classic that’s popular with most people. It isn’t the easiest song on this list but it’s still very doable!. The chords are simple enough, but there are some tricky runs you have to get right.

  • Key – C
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – C, G, Am, D, Em, Bm, F#

Last Christmas

Write a list of all the songs when you think of “Christmas” and this one will probably be on it. Though not exactly a carol, Last Christmas is definitely a staple for December. There are only four chords you need to know to play this tune and the chords are C, Am, Dm, and G7. If you know these four chords then you are halfway there. Even the fingerpicking pattern is pretty easy for this one and sound fun too.

  • Key – C
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – C, Am, Dm, G7

More Fingerpicking Songs

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like ChristmasMeredith Willson
Happy Xmas ohn Lennon
All I Want For Christmas Is You  Mariah Carey
The First Noel Frank Sinatra
Silent NightFranz Xaver Gruber

Featured Ukulele Fingerstyle Christmas Song Lesson

Top 5 Easy Ukulele Christmas Songs for Kids

Kids and ukulele, What better way to spend time with your child. If you’ve ever considered teaching your kids to play this gentle, four-stringed instrument, now is a great time. Here are 5 of our favorite Ukulele Christmas songs for kids! 

O Christmas Tree

A perfect sing-a-long for kids of all ages, O Christmas Tree is a great first song to learn on the ukulele. This beautiful German carol is based on a traditional folk song and the interesting thing is the lyrics do not actually refer to Christmas but it still stays a staple during Christmas time. Though recommended playing it fingerstyle this carol also sound great when strummed.

  • Key – D
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – D, A7

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

This happy song is based on the TV special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer which was first aired in 1964 and since then it’s been a hit every year. This song is also re-recorded numerous times by several artists such as Bing Crosby, Spike Jones, and his City Slickers, and many more. Most of them topped the Billboard Charts. Besides this is one more great song for kids as it is very repetitive, has simple chords, and has an easy strumming pattern.

  • Key – C
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – C, G, G7, C7, F, E7

Here is an awesome video tutorial of this song.

Jingle Bell Rock

There couldn’t be a ukulele Christmas song list without this holiday classic! Jingle Bells Rock is not only one of the most recognizable songs around the holidays, it’s easy enough for new ukulele players and can be an excellent addition to your repertoire.

  • Key – D
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – D, Dmaj7, D6, Em, A7, G

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

This is another song with a familiar tune, so it’s great for beginners to play along with at home or in the classroom. The lyrics are super festive and fun to sing along with!

  • Key – G
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – G, D, C, Bm, A

Here is the Ukulele lesson for Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Feliz Navidad

Want a Christmas song with lyrics in Spanish? If Yes, then there cannot be a better Christmas song than Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano. With its simple and easy melody, it is a pop Christmas classic and a perfect song for those who are just learning to play the ukulele. The song is in the key of C and the chords are F, G7, and C so if you can play just those 3 chords then you can definitely play this festive tune!

  • Key – C
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – F, G7, C

Away In A Manger

First written down in the late 19th century, ‘Away In A Manger’ is a traditional Christmas song that has only three chords: C, G, and F. So, if you know these three chords then this tune is a piece of cake for you. Another great thing is, this song has only 3 sections and they all have the same exact chord progression. Even the strumming pattern is pretty easy which is 3/4 timing and goes as D-DU-DU.

  • Key – C
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – C, G, F

Here is the lesson

The First Noël (Traditional)

This carol is another popular English tune written down in the 16th century, and its simplicity makes it a great choice. The repetitive melody makes it easy to play, and it’s just plain beautiful.

  • Key – C
  • Tuning – Standard ( G-C-E-A )
  • Chords – C, F, G7, G, Em

More Ukulele Christmas Songs for Kids

Frosty, the SnowmanAm, Bm, C, D, D7, Em, G
Here Comes Santa ClausC, G7, F, Em
We Wish You a Merry ChristmasG,C,A,D,B,Em
You’re a Mean One, Mr. GrinchAm,Dm,E,G,C,D,F
Do You Hear What I HearC,Bb,Am,A,Em,F,G,E7

Top 3 to 4 Chord Ukulele Christmas Songs

In this section, I have put together a list of 3 to 4 chord Christmas songs that you can play on the ukulele. These are all really easy to learn and will be the perfect way for you to show your family how much they mean to you this holiday season!

Silent NightG, D, C
O Christmas TreeF, Dm, Bb, C
Joy To The WorldG, C, D
I Saw Three ShipsG, D, Em
The First NoelG, C, E, A
Deck The HallC, F, G
The Friendly BeastsC, F, G7
Up On The HousetopC, A, F, G
Good King WenceslasG, C, D, B7
Ding Dong! Merrily On High!G, C, D, Bm
Come, Thou Long-Expected JesusC, G, F, Am
Angels We Have Heard On HighG, C ( two Chord )