20 Best Country Songs about Rain

Rain is a natural phenomenon that has fascinated and inspired humans for centuries. Country music has always been known for its storytelling abilities, and rain has been a recurring theme in many country songs.

Whether it’s about finding love in the downpour or an uptempo tune about the end of a long drought, country songs about rain have a way of capturing our emotions and bringing us closer to the natural world.

So, I thought why not compile a list of the best country songs about rain? Here are 20 of my favorites that will give you all the feels when it’s raining outside.

Best Country Songs About Rain

1. Songs About Rain by Gary Allan

Gary Allan’s Songs About Rain first comes to mind when thinking about country songs about rain. The song tells the story of a man who is driving around aimlessly, listening to the radio, and hearing one sad song after another.

He’s feeling lonely and disheartened after finding out that his ex-partner has moved on and gotten married, taking on a new surname.

It was released on his 6th studio album “See If I Care” and reached nos 12 on  U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

2. Let It Rain by Mark Chesnutt

Let It Rain by Mark Chesnutt is a song all about being with someone special during a storm and enjoying the moment together. The lyrics suggest that the couple is huddled together under the light of a candle flame, enjoying the perfect moment together in spite of the chaos outside. This song was released in 1997 and according to Billboard magazine, this is one of the best songs by Mark Chesnutt.

3. Yesterday’s Rain by Gary Allan

Another but a much more somber and introspective song about rain by Gary Allan is Yesterday’s Rain.

The pain of losing a loved one is a universal experience, and “Yesterday’s Rain” captures this emotion perfectly.

The narrator’s grief is clearly visible in the song as he describes the loneliness and despair he feels without his partner. However, despite the intensity of their pain, the narrator finds solace in the rain.

According to song facts, Gary was unable to perform the song live after his third wife died tragically in 2004.

4. Raining On Me by Gretchen Wilson

In this song, Gretchen laments about the constant grey clouds and wonders why the sun always seems to shine on everyone else while it’s always raining on her.

It’s a powerful reminder that life isn’t always easy and can be filled with struggle, but that it’s important to keep going no matter what.

5. When it Rains by Gretchen Wilson 

If you are someone who likes to have some wine and relax during a stormy night, then this one is for you.

In it, Gretchen sings about not needing any external distractions or advice from others, but instead simply enjoying a peaceful moment and letting the rain take away all of her worries. What a great reminder to take a moment for ourselves and just relax!

6. Smoky Mountain Rain by Ronnie Milsap

Though highly emotional, this song is about a man who has returned to Knoxville after spending time in Los Angeles. Upon returning, he discovers that the person he loves is no longer there. The lyrics describe his feelings of sadness and longing as he searches for his loved one in the rain.

This song is one of Ronnie’s biggest hits that topped Billboard’s Hot Country Songs charts.

7. Rockin’ with the Rhythm of the Rain by The Judds

Just like the title says, this song is a romantic and intimate depiction of a couple enjoying each other’s company during a rainy night. Released from their second studio album, this single went on to become a big hit, spending twelve weeks on US Country Chart.

8. Like the Rain by Clint Black

If you are someone who never liked the rain but now finds solace in its presence then this classic is especially for you. Starts off with real rain sounds, this tune is about the narrator who didn’t like the rain, but now he sees it as a positive force because he has experienced it with the person he has fallen for.

The rain here is a metaphor for their love and how it has changed the narrator’s perspective on life. The song also mentions the storms and challenges that come with relationships, but the narrator is willing to weather them because of their his for this person.

9. There’s Something Sexy About The Rain by Kenny Chesney

Released in 2005, this song is all about a summer love affair that took place on an island during a storm. The singer reflects on the intense, passionate love they shared and how it made them feel alive, even though the relationship was only temporary.

The rain is referred to as sexy and the singer describes it as feeling like kisses on their skin.

It is a beautiful story that speaks to the transformative and enduring power of love, even when it is only a fleeting moment in time.

10. Crying in the Rain by Tammy Wynette

Sometimes in life, we want to cry but don’t want anyone else to know. This classic is all about that feeling. The narrator (Tammy Eynette) tries to hide their sadness and pain but ultimately decides to cry in the rain instead of showing their hurt to the person who caused it.

She also expresses her hope that the person she loved will never see her tears and that she will eventually be able to move on and wear a smile in the sun.

A powerful reminder of how important it is to accept our emotions and let them out in a way that feels safe for us.

Country Songs about Rain Falling

11. Rain Is A Good Thing by Luke Bryan

Finally, a song that isn’t all about the sadness and heartbreak that often comes with bad weather. Luke Bryan’s upbeat hit celebrates the nourishing effects of the rain on our community’s crops, particularly the delicious corn used to make whiskey.

This playful song reminds us to appreciate the beauty and blessings of rain, even when it’s not our favorite thing. This a great reminder to remain mindful and find joy in the little things!

12. Georgia Rain by Trisha Yearwood

A list of country songs about rain would not be complete without mentioning this classic. In it, Trisha shares an incredibly intimate story of a romantic couple spending time together on a rainy day in Georgia.

She describes their feelings for each other as being strong and enduring, like the Georgia rain that can’t be washed away.

13. Naked In The Rain by Loretta Lynn

A fun and unique take on the classic rain song. Loretta Lynn expresses the desire to have the rain wash away her heartache, pain, and sorrow, as well as bad memories in this song.

She wishes that it would rain every day so that she could run naked in the rain and feel the raindrops taking her troubles away.

14. Raining On Sunday by Keith Urban

Keith Urban wrote this as a joke on a Sunday afternoon while trying to come up with a new song. In it, Keith is expressing his desire for a day of rest and relaxation with his loved one, preferably on a rainy Sunday.

He sees life as a constant struggle and wants to take a break from it all. The rain here represents a time for him to be able to slow down and take a moment to enjoy each other’s company without the distractions of everyday life.

15. Whiskey And Rain by Michael Ray

This song is among the most popular tracks written by Michael Ray for his album “Higher Education” in 2021. It’s about using alcohol and the weather as a way to deal with heartbreak and move on from lost love.

The narrator also acknowledges that the whiskey and rain may not solve his problems, but it s his current coping mechanism.

Country Songs About Thunder and Rain

16. Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain) by Gary Allan

In this beautiful song, the metaphor of thunder and rain is used to represent the hardships that people face in life. But also encourages listeners to hold their heads up, find the courage to move forward, and believe that there is always something more to look forward to.

17. Loud & Heavy by Cody Jinks

Loud & Heavy by Cody Jinks is about the power and unpredictability of thunder and rain and how it can be both beautiful and dangerous.

The lyrics describe how thunder and rain can represent a thin line between joy and pain, and how it can lead to a long, strange journey that can change a person forever.

The singer talks about the difficulty of sleeping when surrounded by bad news and the constant movement of life, and how thunder and rain can provide the only light in the darkness of night. Overall, the song celebrates the intensity and excitement of thunder and rain and how they can transform a person’s life.

18. Thunder in the Rain by Kane Brown

The lyrics of this song do not relate to country songs about thunder and rain. Instead, they describe a passionate and intense love between two individuals who are likened to thunder and lightning.

Kane talks about how they cannot resist each other and how their love ignites like a storm, causing them to shake the walls and feel alive. The repeated chorus emphasizes the idea that their love is like a perfect storm, and every time their hearts collide, it comes to life like thunder in the rain.

19. Sound of Rain by Mason Lively

Sound of Rain is a love song that romanticizes the experience of being together with someone during a thunderstorm. The lyrics paint a picture of a couple enjoying each other’s company while listening to the sound of raindrops falling on a tin roof, sipping champagne, and dancing to the rhythm of the storm.

The song ends with a suggestion to make the most of the moment and enjoy each other’s company before the storm ends.

20. Hurricane by Luke Combs

Last but not least we have Hurricane by Luke Combs. This song is about a man who is out with his friends, trying to have a good time and forget about his ex-girlfriend. However, when she unexpectedly shows up with her hair blowing in the wind, he becomes overwhelmed with emotions and memories of their past relationship.

The stormy weather serves as a metaphor for the chaos and turmoil he feels inside, as she has “hit him like a hurricane”. Despite his initial reluctance to see her, he ultimately ends up driving to her house, unable to resist her pull.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are plenty of great country songs out there about rain. Doesn’t matter if you want to sing along or just sit back and enjoy the lyrics, these songs will surely help you get into a different mood. So, next time it rains , make sure to put on one of these songs and enjoy the sound of thunder.

Thanks for reading! 🙂