Guitar Chords for Happy Birthday

Are you looking for an easy way to play happy birthday on guitar? If yes then you have landed in the best place. This is the only lesson you will need to learn to play happy birthday.

The best part of this lesson is it is completely beginner-friendly. The only three chords you need is G-D-C to play the whole happy birthday song.

Note: If everything seems confused to you then simply watch the video lesson I have mentioned at the end of this post.

Guitar Chords for Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Strumming Pattern

Song – Happy Birthday
Chords – G-D-C
Strumming Pattern – DD-UU-DU

Happy [G]Birthday to [D]You
Happy [D]Birthday to [G]You
Happy [G]Birthday Dear [C](name)
Happy [G]Birth [C]day [D]to [G]You.

Guitar Notes for Happy Birthday

As you can see in tab that only first three strings are used and some notes are played open. Though you can play it on other strings but this is the easiest version.