17 Easy Guitar Songs for Kids with Chords

Whether you’re looking for easy guitar songs for your little one or you are just getting back into playing yourself, this page will be very helpful for you.

On this page, we have put together 17 easy guitar songs for kids that will not only help them to learn the guitar but also help them to learn the basics of music and have loads of fun at the same time.

To give a variety to this list we have included lullabies, nursery rhymes, educational songs, Disney song and a few pop songs that are very catchy and fun to play.

Most of these songs are under 3 minutes long and are beginner-friendly so it should not take too much time to learn.

We have also included the chords, tabs, strumming pattern, and a video lesson for each song that you can refer to without searching for it.

Here are 15 Easy Guitar Songs for Kids

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Composed by Jane Taylor in 1806, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is probably the most loved rhyme among the kids and the love only grew more and more with time. The lyrics of this rhyme are so simple that even a 3-year-old kid can sing to it. This is one of the main reasons why you will find this song in every kid’s guitar songs list.

Personally speaking, this is a great song for children because the lyrics have so many repeating and rhyming words that singing it daily can help kids improve their memory and rhythm skills.

I don’t know if kids fall asleep to it but this song does sound great on an acoustic guitar and it requires only 5 open chords G, F, C, Am, and Dm to play this whole song on the guitar.


2. Let it Go by Frozen

With over 2 billion views on YouTube, Let it Go is a record-breaking Disney song from the movie Frozen that has become a sensation with children and teens alike. It’s also very popular in classrooms, with teachers using it as a way to teach kids how to play guitar.

Apart from that, this song has a strong message to offer. The message is about letting go of all the fears, worries, the pressures that hold you back and just be yourself.

Other than the wonderful messages this song has to offer, it is one of those songs that children will love to sing and learn on guitar because It has only 6 open chords and one strumming pattern that actually makes it easier for kids.

Chords – Em, C, D, Am, A, and G

3. The ABC Song

Also known as the alphabet song, this is an educational tune that is popular among pre-school kids and teachers. One of the main reasons this song is so good is that it allows kids to learn their basic ABCs in a fun and rhythmic way as a result it lasts in their memory forever.

Most of all, it is really easy for kids or the teachers to play this song on the guitar and it only requires four basic chords G, F, C, and G7.

There are three ways to play this song on the guitar. One is you can either play the single notes, finger-pick or strum the whole song. All three methods will sound good and will certainly improve and build the guitar skills as well as help the kids learn the letters faster.

4. Frère Jacques

As I have promised to give this list a variety, here is a classic French lullaby that is still popular in preschools and is used to teach a little french to the kids.

The great thing is, kids, find it effortless to remember and rhyme to the lyrics of this song as it consists of simple french words. To your surprise, teachers often recommend this rhyme when it comes to learning the first song on the guitar, thanks to its simplicity.

Here, Frère Jacques means ‘Brother John’ in English, and the song is about him, who has overslept when he should be ringing the bells for the church hour.

I highly recommend adding this song to the learning list as it is one of the easiest guitar songs for kids out there because the rhyme is immensely attention-grabbing and requires only one chord ‘D’ to play it on the guitar. Here, you don’t have to worry about the chord changes for this song.

5. Riptide

Written by Vance Joy, Riptide is a pop song that was released in the year 2013. It is one more great song for beginners and kids as it has only four open chords and two simple strumming patterns.

If you are choosing to play this one, then to sound exactly like the song or to play along you have to clip a capo on the first fret. However, if you don’t have a capo then simply play as it is using the chords mentioned below.

The good news is, this song has no barre chords so it won’t take much time to learn and master it on guitar. Most importantly it sound great on an acoustic guitar and it is one of the perfect songs to start out with.

To learn this song step-by-step you can watch the lesson below.

Chords – Am, G, C, Fmaj7

6. London Bridge is Falling Down

“London Bridge is Falling Down is a song that almost all of us know and have heard, either as kids or as parents. It’s a classic and it’s one of those songs that just never goes out of style.

It’s a song with easy-to-remember lyrics and a catchy melody, moreover, it’s very repetitive. That’s why I have added this song on this kid’s guitar songs list, because sometimes when things are repeated, they become easier to remember.

But how do you play this song?

Well, this song is extremely easy to learn and you can start playing it right away as it has only two simple chords and a super-easy strumming pattern. Besides you can also play only the melody of this song using one string ( the thinnest string ).

Chords – G and D


7. Wheels on the Bus

This song needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular rhymes in the UK. The majority of school teachers use this song as a tool to enhance the kids’ language and cognitive skills.

Moreover, kids love to sing along to this one.

If you are looking for a fun yet educational song that will improve the learning, singing, and rhythm skills of your child then this one is for you.

Chords – G and D

8. Happy Birthday

From a 5-year-old kid to a 70-year-old parent, everyone loves to sing Happy Birthday. Due to its catchy and short lyrics, children find it easy to memorize them.

As this song is highly recognizable, kids can learn it and perform in front of friends and family at birthday parties and vacations.

Everything one needs to play this song is just 4 simple chords: G-D-C-G7 and a strumming pattern that goes as DD-UU-DU.

Note – Happy Birthday is also one of those melodies to start playing lead guitar because it requires only 3 strings and a few notes to play the entire song.

Although there are different variations available on the internet, I highly recommend you to follow the lesson below to learn this song step-by-step.

Chords – G-D-C

9. This Land is Your Land

“This Land is Your Land” is one of the most famous patriotic songs in the United States. It is written by Woodie Guthrie ( American singer-songwriter) and was originally titled “God Bless America”.

Today this song has become an anthem for Americans of all backgrounds and is sung on many occasions.

As the song has simple lyrics but a strong meaning, kids can easily relate to it and learn from it. It is actually great for patriotic holidays like Independence Day or Memorial Day where children can play it with family and friends.

Chords – C, F, and G

10. How Far I’ll Go

How Far I’ll Go is one more Disney song from the movie “Moana” that is extremely popular among the kids ( especially the girls ).

I am guessing that you have already watched the movie with your kids. If not then it is a must-watch because it is not only entertaining but also full of meaningful life lessons and kids have a lot to learn from this film.

One of the most important things, this song teaches us is that “no matter what, one should always get out of the comfort zone and dare to follow the dreams”.

Overall, it is a fun learning song that kids will love to sing along and learn to play on guitar.

Chords – C, G, Am, and F

11. Can You Feel The Love Tonight

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight” is again a Disney song from the classic movie “The Lion King”. This song is composed by pianist Elton John.

The theme of the song is about, Simba the Lion (main character) falling in love with his childhood friend Nala.

Although it is a piano-driven track, kids can easily play it on a guitar with just five simple chords: G-D-Em-C-Am and a easy strumming pattern that goes as D&D&D&DU.

Not just kids, even as a parent you can learn and play it for your son/daughter. Trust me, they will love it.

Chords – G-D-Em-C-Am

12. Free Falling

Free Falling is a famous folk song by American Singer/songwriter Tom Petty.

This song has a very happy and lively feel to it, which makes it perfect for children who love upbeat melodies.

However, the chord-changing part of this song may be a little hard to play ( especially for beginners ) but with some practice, kids can easily learn it.

Apart from this, the song has just three chords: D, G, and A and a strumming pattern that goes as D-D-DD-D.

Note: To exactly sound like the song or to play along you will have to use a capo on the third fret.

Chords – A, G, and D

13. If You Are Happy You Know It

“If You Are Happy You Know It” is a nursery rhyme that is about doing some actions while singing.

For example, clapping the hands, tapping the nose, tapping the shoulders, and so on.

It is a perfect song that you can use to make the kids learn about the body parts while you sing and play it on the guitar.

I can guarantee that your child will want to sing along with you in no time and insist you to play again and again.

Chords – G, D, C

14. You’ve Got a Friend in Me

“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” is the theme song from the popular animated movie Toy Story.

It is the perfect song for your child in the case, he/she is sad and you want to cheer him/her up by playing this song on the guitar.

Here is the first verse of the song:

“You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you’ve got a friend in me
Yeah, you’ve got a friend in me”

As you can see how simple and motivating the lyrics are. It will be hard for the kids not to like this song. Apart from being a great cheer-up song, it is also easy to learn it on the guitar.

15. Hey Soul Sister

Hey, Soul Sister is one more upbeat song on this list by the American rock band “Train”.

It is not a kid’s favorite song but it is definitely one of those melodies that can be easily played on guitar and children will love to learn it.

The original song was recorded using a ukulele but you can easily play it on the guitar using only four chords and one super simple strumming pattern.

Chords – C, G, Am, and F

16. The Guitar Song

This is a fun song about the guitar itself. The lyrics go as “I have got a guitar, with six strings, I have got a guitar and it sings” and so on. With such fun lyrics, any child will want to pick up the guitar.

This song is written and composed by Dirk Scheele who have been entertaining especially the kids for years now.

He wrote this song so that children can easily understand what a guitar is and to encourage them to learn it.

Watch the YouTube Video.

17. Perfect

Released in 2017, Perfect is a famous pop song sung by singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. I am sure that you have heard this song already.

As a parent, you can use this song to introduce the pop genre to the kids and I am sure they will love it.

Moreover, the lyrics of this song are also very meaningful which will make it really easy for kids to relate to them.

Just like the songs mentioned above, this one also is very easy to play on the guitar. However, it requires a capo to sound exactly like the original song.

Chords – G, Em, C, and D


We hope that you liked this list of easy guitar songs for kids as much as we enjoyed writing it for you. We will be updating this page with more songs like the ones mentioned above so don’t forget to come back and give this page a check.