How To Play Perfect by Ed Sheeran on Guitar

How To Play Perfect by Ed Sheeran on Guitar

If you were searching how to play “perfect” by Ed Sheeran, on the guitar and landed here then you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you its chord progression and strumming pattern which is very basic and newbie-friendly. Even if you are just starting out you would be able to play it easily.

Perfect Guitar Chords – [G-Em-C-D]

This song has only four open chords i.e, G-Em-C-D and this is what makes this song a newbie-friendly. No, doubt that you can play these 4 chords, if not then it won’t take much time to learn.

Strumming Pattern for the Song ‘Perfect’

The strumming pattern for the song is DDD DDD DDD DDD, which is in a triplet form. Here you have to strum the first downstroke harder followed by two lighter strokes. You can use this pattern for the whole song.

Song – Perfect
Artist – Ed Sheeran
Chords – G-Em-C-D
Strumming Pattern – DDD-DDD-DDD-DDD
Capo – 1st Fret

I found a [G]love for [Em]me
Darling just [C]dive right in and follow my [D]lead
Well I found a [G]girl beautiful [Em]and sweet
I never [C]knew you were the someone waiting for [D]me

[Pre Chorus]
Cause we were just kids when we [G]fell in love
Not knowing [Em]what it was, I will not [C]give you up this [G]ti – [D]ime
But darling just [G]kiss me slow, your heart is [Em]all I own
And in your [C]eyes you’re holding [D]mine

Baby, [Em]I’m [C]dancing in the [G]dark, with [D]you between my [Em]arms
[C]Barefoot on the [G]grass, [D]listening to our [Em]favorite song
When you [C]said you looked a[G] mess, I whispered [D]underneath my [Em]breath
But you [C]heard it, darling [G]you look perfect [G]tonight

[Verse 2]
Well I found a [G]woman, stronger than [Em]anyone I know
She shares my [C]dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her [D]home
I found a [G]love, to carry [Em]more than just my secrets
To carry [C]love, to carry children of our [D]own

[Pre Chorus 2]
We are still kids, but we’re [G]so in love, fighting [Em]against all odds
I know that [C]we’ll be alright this [G]ti – [D]ime
Darling just [G]hold my hand, be my girl, I’ll [Em]be your man
I see my [C]future in your [D] eyes

Baby, [Em]I’m [C]dancing in the [G]dark, with [D]you between my [Em]arms
[C]Barefoot on the [G]grass, [D]listening to our [Em]favorite song
When I [C]saw you in that [G]dress, looking so [D]beautiful
I [Em]don’t de[C]serve this, darling, [G]you look [D]perfect [G]tonight

Musical Interlude


Baby, [Em]I’m [C]dancing in the [G]dark, with [D]you between my [Em]arms
[C]Barefoot on the [G]grass, [D]listening to our [Em]favorite song
I have [C]faith in what I [G]see, now I know [D]I have met an [Em]angel
In [C]person, and [G]she looks [D]perfect
No I [C]don’t deserve it, [D]you look perfect tonight



Summing Up

I hope this helped you in getting to know the song structure and all other elements of the song. If you find everything confusing then watch the video below.

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