How To Hold A Guitar Pick – The Ultimate Guide

How to hold a guitar pick is a commonly asked question among guitarists of all levels. Holding a guitar pick correctly is very important because the incorrect way can hinder your guitar learning process. So, in this lesson, we will learn how to hold a pick correctly.

How to hold a guitar pick properly

It is very simple to hold a guitar pick. The only thing you need is a firm grip over the pick. By using this pick holding technique, you can discover your own unique technique. Follow the step below to get a clear idea of this pick holding technique.

  1. Set the pick over your index finger.
  2. Place your thumb over it.
  3. Try to give it a firm grip.
  4. The pointed part of the pick should be parallel to the guitar strings.

Example – 1

Example – 2

In these 2 picture you can see, in one picture I am using a hard pick and in another one a thin and lighter pick. Use any one of the example and develop a unique pick holding technique of yours.

How to hold a guitar pick for soloing?

Soloing on a guitar requires a good and firm grip over the pick. If while soloing, your pick falls down then make sure to cover the maximum area of the guitar pick with your thumb and index finger. I recommend using a hard pick for soloing. Refer to the image below to get a clear idea.

How to hold a guitar pick for soloing

Note : This is a general idea of holding a pick while soloing. It takes time and practice to get comfortable and a good grip over the pick.

What angle do you hold a guitar pick?

The angle of your pick while playing should be parallel to the guitar strings. It can be a little tilted too. I recommend experimenting with different picking techniques. This will allow you to discover one technique that suits your style.

Frequently asked questions

What is Guitar Pick? How it look like?

A pick ( plectrum ) is small triangular piece of flat tool made up off plastic ( various material ). It is used to pick or strike the stringed instruments ( mostly guitar ) in order to create sound ( music ).

What are the types of Guitar Picks?

Guitar picks comes in various types and shapes. They can be thin, thick and super thick. Different pick creates different and unique sound. For example a thin pick will produce more treble based sound while a hard pick will produce a louder sound.

How to use a guitar pick?

To use a guitar pick, first you need a guitar. Just hold your guitar pick over your index finger and press it with your thumb ( make sure, the pointed part is parallel to the guitar strings ). Now, you are ready to use it for strumming or picking the guitar strings.

What thickness guitar pick should I use?

Well, it depends on what kind of music you are playing. If you just want to strum and play chords then you go for thin picks. If you want to play guitar solos then it is recommended to use a thicker pick for good grip and comfortability.

What are thin guitar picks good for?

Thin guitar picks can good for you if you are a rhythm guitarist. Thin picks produce more treble sound than that of hard ones. If you are just starting out with learning guitar than I recommend to use a thin pick.

Does it matter what size guitar pick you use?

Yes, it matters! Because by using a thin pick you can’t get the sound which a thick pick can produce. Besides this, I recommend to use a pick, you are personally comfortable with.

How to make a guitar pick?

You can make a guitar pick by cutting a thin and sturdy plastic and giving it a triangular shape. You can also use an unused card and apply the same process. Make sure to sand the edges of the pick before using it.


Holding a guitar pick properly and in a correct way is easy but takes time. You may feel uncomfortable and uneasy at first but trust me, with practice it will fit into your fingers and you will get used to it.