List of all Guitar Brands/Manufacturers Names

Are you wondering what are the names of all guitar brands and manufacturers? If yes, then you come to the right place. There are popular guitar brands that we know but in this post, I have mentioned those brands that I am sure you haven’t heard before. So, are you excited?

Here is the list of all guitar brands/manufacturers names

1. Adamas

Smooth playability is what Adamas guitars are all about. What’s that mean for you? Many players remark that Adamas guitars have the balance and complexity of a fine vintage acoustic. Adamas guitars believe that they build instruments for you that are louder, with better dynamics and wider frequency response than any other acoustics you’ve ever played.

2. Alhambra

From the very beginning, Alhambra guitars have combined the highest standards of craftsmanship with the latest advancements in technology to produce the finest quality instruments. Alhambra guitars have given special priority to their research department where all ideas and projects are developed. This has enabled Alhambra to produce the top models for the range, which today are considered second to none.

3. Alvarez

In today’s market of high-tech manufacturing, one objective still remains constant: tone. Alvarez Guitars manufactures tone the old way – by hand. Attention to detail, quality, and tradition separate Alvarez Guitars from other acoustic manufacturers. The details make the difference and no expense is spared to make sure that Alvarez guitars are ready to provide years of enjoyment and inspiration.

4. Aria

Aria was founded in 1953 in Japan and began marketing acoustic Aria guitars in 1960, then began manufacturing its own acoustic guitars in 1964, followed by electrics in 1966. L.A. based punk group The Switchblade Kittens purred using three Aria basses. Other artists who have used Aria guitars include Chaka Kahn Band, The Cure, Carol Kaye, and many more!

5. B.C Rich

BC Rich Guitars has been one of the industry-standard guitars in Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal ever since the 1970s. That is nothing new though. What is new is the changes that BC Rich Guitars has made to ensure that their designs are up to date with the latest advances in construction and performance. It is these changes that have earned the respect of such popular groups like Slayer and SlipKnot.

6. Breedlove

Steve Henderson and Larry Breedlove had the vision to build fine guitars – their own way. East of Oregon’s rugged Cascade Mountains, Breedlove Guitars Company design and build some of the worlds finest guitars with meticulous care and attention to detail. Breedlove is a pioneer in melding the best aspects of traditional guitar making with new ideas and technology to create instruments with the unsurpassed tone, feel, and visual appeal.

7. Brian Moore

Brian Moore Guitars was founded in 1992 – the goal was to find the perfect balance for a new instrument, an electric guitar that blended the “strength and sustain” of advanced composite materials with “tone and beauty” of wood. Brian Moore Guitars tested their ideas at a small guitar show in New York City – the response from the players was great. Discover the latest from Brian Moore online today.

8. Burns

Reviving the Burns guitars name has received a favorable response due to superlative product quality and equivalent performance potential. At last, there are new Burns guitars available that successfully continue the fine legacy of those early classics. In the world of music, individual design, style, sound – they all matter. It’s what sets a performer apart. It’s what makes the Burns guitars name, one to know. So hot, it’s cool.

9. Conklin Guitars

Conklin Guitars and Basses have become known for their many unique creations and exclusive innovations. Since 1984 Conklin has been handcrafting each instrument with pride, striving for perfection at every stage of the process. Conklin Guitars designs instruments so that each component becomes an integral part of the completed piece. Conklin Guitars bases its principles on honesty and integrity.

10. Crafters of Tennessee Guitars

Crafters of Tennessee Guitars remain dedicated to building instruments the way they were meant to be built, with care and precision, by the hands of craftsmen. In a facility on the outskirts of Nashville, a team of skilled craftsmen combines the very best woods, materials, and skill to produce a remarkable line of guitars and instruments – designed to be treasured by musicians.

11. Daisy Rock Guitars

Guitars for girls are long overdue! Standard guitars are often too bulky for the young female form. Daisy Rock is a line of high-quality instruments that are attractive and are a perfect fit for girls. Daisy Rock arms girls and young women with the proper tools to learn to play, build self-esteem and infiltrate the male dominated world of guitar playing. Daisy Rock Guitars will inspire girls to learn how to play!

12. De Armond

The De Armond guitar line combines the sound of modernized pickups with classic guitar designs by Guild. De Armond guitars received instant acclaim as an exceptional value. The visual appeal is undeniable and the sound quality is absolutely unchallenged by any guitar near the price. The only way to really appreciate De Armond’s guitars is to hear and feel them. See, feel and hear for yourself.

13. Dean

Dean Guitars are building their finest guitars ever! Discover Dean Guitars for yourself today and see what top bands such as Iron Maiden, The Cars, Bruce Springsteen, and ZZ Top have experienced over the past twenty-five years.

14. Epiphone

For more than 125 years Epiphone’s passion has been about making music – about understanding what is inside every musician that makes them express themselves. Styles of music will continue to evolve, new technologies will come and go and new players will continue to take music in new directions. But the Epiphone Guitars’ mission of providing musicians with great instruments they can rely on remains constant.

15. Ernie Ball Guitars

In 1958 Ernie opened the country’s first store selling only guitars – in Tarzana, near Hollywood. His high standards and no-nonsense approach have attracted the world’s greatest players to his products. Many famous heroes have used Ernie Ball guitars – including Metallica, Slash of Guns and Roses, Keith Richards and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana and many more.

16. ESP

Many artists have made ESP guitars their instrument of choice. The long list of groups who have used ESP guitars includes Machine Head, Cypress Hill, The Damned, Slayer, Metallica, The Deftones, Judas Priest, and Soulfly. Other users have included Rod Stewart, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, David Bowie, Tori Amos, Tina Turner, and Dido.

17. Fender

Fender has been an American icon for over 50 years. Fender’s contribution to the evolving sound of contemporary music has been continuous and global. Fender guitars have had a tremendous influence on the way the world composes and plays music. By introducing the first commercially viable solid-body electric guitar and the first electric bass, Fender guitars have left their mark. Fender guitars continue to offer its timeless designs around the world.

18. Fernandes Guitars

Founded in 1969, Fernandes guitars rapidly gained a reputation for building the best and most accurate vintage guitar replicas in the business. Before long, Fernandes guitars were dominating the Japanese market and starting to make inroads into the American market as well. Demand increased so much that in 1992 the Fernandes US division was established.

19. G&L Guitars

Leo Fender passed away in 1991. Today the G&L; guitars factory continues production as Leo would have wanted. His private workshop remains untouched and has been visited by music people from around the world. There are no computers or robots popping out guitars with uniformity but no soul. G&L; guitars continue to handcraft the instruments with love, dedication, and great skill.

20. Gibson

A unique combination of man and machine is one of the main reasons Gibson guitars have endured so long and well. Gibson guitars are built with a careful combination of high precision tools and craftspeople who love their work – built by musicians, for musicians. Continuing in the tradition of providing “American Guitars – Built by American Musicians”, Gibson guitars are an investment in your musical future.

21. Guild

Guild Guitars was formed in 1952 by a small group of veteran guitar makers who came together in a New York loft. They picked the company name Guild because it evoked the spirit of European artisan guilds of centuries past. Attention to detail was the order of the day. Famous for their rich sound, beauty, and craftsmanship, Guild guitars were equally famous for their durability and value.

22. Hammer

Hamer Guitars outbids everyone for the top tonewoods, over inspect and select the cream. Hamer Guitars lavishes more time and attention on every detail than is possible in a mass production environment. Hamer guitars are hand-built in a manner unparalleled anywhere else. They don’t make them like they used to, they make them better! Prove it to yourself, play one.

23. Hofner

Founded in 1887 by Karl Hofner, the Hofner company became the largest manufacturer of stringed and fretted instruments in Germany. Craft skills and business initiative laid the foundation for a reputation that, even before World War I, extended far beyond the borders of Germany. To date, more than two million instruments have been produced, emphasizing Hofner guitars outstanding position in the world market.

24. Hohner

In 1857, the history of the harmonica changed dramatically as German clockmaker Matthias Hohner turned to manufacture harmonicas full-time. He introduced the harmonica to North America in 1862, a move that would propel the Hohner company to its status as the world leader in harmonicas. Today, Hohner produces a variety of musical instruments including a range of Hohner guitars.

25. Ibanez Guitars

Not content with only making famous high-quality copies, in mid-1980’s Ibanez guitars collaborated with players, to produce models still considered the standard in hard rock and instrumental rock guitars. Today, Ibanez guitars are one of the top-selling bass companies in the world, and in many places the top-selling bass.

26. Jackson

Jackson guitars are meant to be played, and played hard. Jackson guitars are built to handle hard lives on the road, and are ready to take whatever the players will throw at them – that’s just the way it is, and Jackson won’t have it any other way. Many players have been with the Jackson guitars brand for more than 10 years and they know they’ve found “the one”

27. Jay Turser

Mixing traditional styles with original contemporary designs, Jay Turser Guitars embodies the collective energy committed to crafting outstanding guitars at affordable prices. When you handle Jay Turser guitars and hear the sound of the highly responsive electronics, you’ll understand that playing is believing. Whether you play guitar professionally or simply for your own enjoyment, you can count on Jay Turse.

28. Jose Ramirez Guitars

The Jose Ramirez guitars workshop has maintained it’s basic traditions, although, evidently, there has been a process of adaptation to the exigencies of the time. Jose Ramirez guitars were voted ‘Players Choice Award 2000’ by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, California. Jose Ramirez guitars, the name speaks for itself. Your art deserves the finest instrument.

29. Martin Guitars

For well over a century and a half, The Martin Guitars Company has been continuously producing acoustic instruments that are acknowledged to be some of the finest in the world. Martin Guitars have never veered away from their initial commitment to quality. The concern for producing the finest instruments possible in 1833 is especially evident today at the expanded Martin Guitars facility in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

30. Montana Guitars

Montana guitars feature classic styling, quality construction and visually appealing designs. Check out the latest Montana guitars online today.

31. OLP Guitars

OLP guitars deliver the essence of popular high end equipment, at a fraction of the cost. You get high quality construction, tone, and appearance – all at an affordable price. OLP guitars offer quality you can see, feel & hear.

32. Ovation Guitars

In 1966, aeronautical pioneer Charlie Kaman revolutionized the acoustic guitar. He understood the needs of players and his aeronautical experience gave him anunderstanding of vibration. The new designs improved projection and balance. Ovation guitars had arrived, with their round backs and new ideas. The first Ovation guitars raised a lot of curious eyebrows. Purists shook their heads, musicians hailed their performance.

33. Parker Guitars

Ken Parker’s goal has always been to create the most versatile, responsive and beautiful instruments. Many Parker Guitars designs are protected by patents. Organic and man-made materials combine to create a uniquely musical guitar that performs like no other. It’s extra work, but Parker Guitars know that you can feel the difference. You can feel the guitar resonating against your body, singing along with you.

34. Rickenbacker Guitars

Played by Hawaiian musicians of the 30s to jazz bassists of the 90s, by the Beatles and Byrds to the most current groups on MTV, the sound of Rickenbacker guitars has helped define music as we know it. Never resting on its laurels, Rickenbacker guitars continues to propel the electric guitar’s transformation of music by providing today’s musicians with the finest instruments.

35. Samick Guitars

Up until just a few years ago Samick guitars built products exclusively for other companies – companies such as Epiphone, Washburn, Oscar Schmidt, Ibanez, the list goes on and on. A few years ago they came out with their own brand name. The Samick Guitars line are some of the best that they have ever produced and sell for less than many other brands. If you are on a tight budget, with Samick you get a little more than you pay for

36. Santa Cruz Guitars

Santa Cruz guitars receive an extraordinary amount of individual attention due to their “bench style” of building, which necessitates that each worker not only perform his own specialty, but also review the work of those who have completed stages before him. By limiting the number of instruments built, Santa Cruz guitars is opposed to a production line approach that might favor greater numbers at the expense of attention to detail.

37. Schecter Guitars

Take your playing one string further with Schecter guitars. Bands using Schecter guitars include Softcore – beautifully meshing guitar driven electro-pop, infectious rhythms and hook laden melodies – qualities that are all but absent in most of today’s music. The band’s guitarist maniacally drives their sound on a Schecter, while the band’s bassist weaves bass grooves on a Schecter bass.

38. Tacoma Guitars

Tacoma Guitars are one of the hottest new lines of all USA crafted acoustic guitars. The idea behind Tacoma Guitars was innovative. A design that would change the look of a guitar with an oddly-shaped, unusually placed soundhole that significantly improves tonal response. The result was the beginning of a company not bound by tradition, but free to pursue inventive creations.

39. Takamine

Nestled at the base of Takamine Mountain in Japan, Takamine Guitars have over 40 years of history dedicated to innovation and to the art of guitarmaking. Takamine had its early beginnings while guitar playing and music was gaining popularity in Japan during the early 60’s. What began as a small family business has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers, depended upon by some of the biggest names in the music industry

40. Tobias

Tobias Guitars were born in 1978 with one man’s quest for the perfect bass. Michael Tobias wanted to design and build a bass that would play and feel as if it were an extension of the human body and the musical spirit, while conforming to any musician’s playing style and lifestyle. Today, that quest for excellence continues with Tobias Guitars.

41. Warwick

Warwick Guitars derive from a continuous search for the perfect instrument. Warwick Guitars reflect the creativity of experienced craftsmen and designers, and the needs of professional players. Warwick buys its wood in complete rough logs or planks – not precut. This means more work, but ensures complete control over the wood used and the finished look of the instrument.

42. Washburn

Since 1883, the name Washburn has been branded into the world’s finest stringed instruments. The Washburn Guitars tradition of craftsmanship and innovation has withstood the tests of economics, brand competition and fashion. If your interest in guitars borders on passion, you will settle for nothing less than a Washburn. Washburn guitars are continuing to build their history.

43. Yamaha

Yamaha began handcrafting acoustic instruments well over 100 years ago. Since that time, they have created some of the world’s most highly regarded instruments. More than 30 years ago, the company focused its expertise on creating Yamaha guitars. As a result, many of today’s most celebrated musicians started their musical journey on Yamaha guitars. Yamaha helped a generation find itself at Woodstock.

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