Baritone Guitar Strings – Ultimate Guide to Buying Baritone Strings

When it comes to tone, guitarists have a tendency to geek out on types of wood, pickups, amps, and pedals, all while ignoring the first link in the chain of tone: the strings. Check out our guide to baritone strings to go from uninformed user to discerning consumer in just a few paragraphs.

Strings impact your baritone’s tone through three major factors: material, type of winding, and gauge. However, for most makes of baritone strings, gauge options are limited. Winding options are also limited: You can pretty much only get roundwound baritone strings. Thus, we will focus on materials.

Set of bronze strings for acoustic guitar isolated / Set of twisted guitar strings isolated on white background

Materials Used for Baritone Guitar Strings

Nickel-plated or Nickle Wound Steel Baritone Guitar Strings

Phosphorous Bronze Baritone Guitar Strings

Polymer-coated Baritone Guitar Strings

Polymer-coated strings will exhibit some of the characteristics of the material underneath the coating, but with the following added characteristics:

  • Bright versus warm tone: Can be bright or warm depending on brand (and inner material)
  • Attack/Bite: Reduced sustain/attack
  • Longevity: Great longevity (corrosion-resistant)
  • Reduced finger noise
  • Example sets:
Guitar neck and strings

What Are the Best Strings for Baritone Guitar?

Having tested pretty much every option over the years, we can confidently recommend the following guitar strings for baritone guitar.

Best Strings for Acoustic Baritone Guitar

For acoustic baritones, we recommend the D’Addario XT Acoustic Phosphor Bronze, Medium, Baritone, 16-70 strings. The brightness typical of phosphorous bronze strings seems to be slightly subdued by the string coating, giving a pure tone and a great feel.

Best Strings for Electric Baritone Guitar

For electric baritones, we recommend the D’Addario EXL 158 Light Electric Baritone strings. Being slightly lighter than some electric baritone strings, are relatively easy to play whilst still providing a solid tone. They are also a great option for people who want to transition from standard electric guitar to baritone electric guitar quickly and easily.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed this guide to baritone guitar strings. If you’re searching specifically for acoustic baritone guitar strings and you want two more options, please check out our article, the Best Baritone Acoustic Guitar Strings – 3 Top Picks.

And if you’re thinking of buying a new baritone guitar, check out our acoustic baritone reviews and electric baritone reviews!